Immunity booster Lemon trees  are grown in almost every household of the South Indians. The origin of this small evergreen tree is found to be in the Northeast parts of India. It is from the flowering plant family Rutaceae and bears round or oval-shaped yellow fruit used in culinary as well as for non-culinary purposes.[Immunity booster] The fruit is edible and the juice has a sour taste and contains 5-6% of citric juice with [Immunity booster]

a pH of around 2.2. It is used in baking and cooking marmalades, pies, rice, salad, soups, dals and juices.

A genomic study reveals that this plant is a hybrid of sour orange and citron. It was first introduced in Europe in Italy during 2 nd century A.D.[Immunity booster] From there it entered Persia and then Iraq and Egypt around 700 A.D.  The cultivation of the lemon plant began in Genoa in the middle of the 15th century. in the early Islamic period, it was grown as an ornamental plant.

Benefits of Lemon 

The pulp and juice of this fruit contain 10% carbs and 88-89% of water. Pectin, a soluble fibre present in this lemon adds multiple benefits to the human body when consumed. This small fruit comes with numerous supplements. [Immunity booster]

  • Consumption of warm water with lemon in the mornings helps to reduce belly fat and maintains body weight.
  • The citric acid present in this fruit prevents kidney stones.
  • Another component  Hesperidin found in this fruit prevents the clogging of fat in the arteries and strengthens the blood vessels.
  • They improve the absorption of iron in the body and protect against anaemia.
  • It reduces the risk of cancer and prevents the growth of malignant tumours in the body, especially in the colon.
  • They are rich in Vitamins C and protect the liver from toxins. Vitamin C also helps to improve immunity and enhance skin health.
  • It contains calcium and magnesium which aids bone growth and prevent deterioration of bones.[Immunity booster]
  • The potassium content in this fruit lowers blood pressure and supports heart health.
  • It also contains Vitamin B 6 which converts food into energy thus improving the digestive system to function properly.
  • It acts as a defence mechanism of the body.
Lemon fruit Immunity booster
A basket of lemon fruits

Not only the pulp and juice are most beneficial the rinds or peels of the fruit are not without any benefits There are 3 components present in the lemon peel.

  • The first one is Diosmin which improves the muscle tone and reduces inflammation in blood vessels.
  • Eriocitrin,  an antioxidant prescient in the lemon peel and juice acts as a defence mechanism of the body
  • D-limone present in the lemon peel helps to cure heartburn and stomach reflux[Immunity booster]

Lemon oils extracted from these peels are proven to decrease stress and improve mood. It also helps in curing insomnia and fatigue and takes control of the immune system of the body.

Lime flower also has great medicinal properties. The tea made out of lime flower helps in fighting stress-related problems like headache, heart palpitations, restlessness and stomach, and intestinal spasms.[Immunity booster]

Chill lemonade served to drink

Uses of lemon tea 

  • It is a detoxifying drink that boosts immunity.
  • It eliminates kidney stones 
  • It is rich in anti-oxidants and relieves stress and anxiety.
  • It reduces the risk of cancer.
  • It controls diabetes.
 A refreshing lemon tea
a refreshing tea
  • It prevents osteoarthritis and other chronic ailments.[Immunity booster]
  • It reduces the risk of heartache and lowers the cholesterol in the blood.
  • It enhances hair growth and cures dandruff.
  • It rejuvenates the skin and hydrates the body.

Side- effects of lemon tea

  • However, it is suggested that it is unsafe for pregnant women. Since it contains caffeine excessive consumption might lead to miscarriage.[Immunity booster]
  • The acid content in the lemon tea can damage the enamel and cause cavities.
  • For some people, it might trigger canker sores and make them a long time to heal.
  • People having ulcer-related problems should not consume this since it might aggravate them more.
  • It might cause migraines too.


Nowadays people have become more health-conscious. After a high-calorie intake, people tend to drink lemon tea after lunch or dinner. Ginger lemon juice and Lemon Mint Juice is most preferred by youngsters. Ginger and mint help in improving digestion and tastes good with lemon juice.[Immunity booster] 

It is suggested to consume lemon juice with lukewarm water twice a day to fight against cold and flu particularly to protect oneself from the deadly covid virus. It is not a costly fruit too and is available in all seasons in the market. 

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