Conserving biodiversity means conserving our future.- Erakina

Mother earth is not the home for only humans, various forms of other species have a similar right to stay with us on the earth. But it is the responsibility of humans to conserve them, as they also make our living possible on the earth.

What is conservation of biodiversity?

All forms of life on the earth together called biodiversity all the species along with humans must live together with full of co-operation with one another. There are different kinds of habitats available on this earth e.g. water, forest, desert. Snow and so on. It is necessary to maintain the same quality and characteristics of these habitats. It is our ecosystem, where not only humans but other species are also co-existent. We must preserve their natural habitats. It is for our benefit also. Overexploitation and misuse of mines and forests should be stopped. For our own dwellings, we should not put other species’ in the state of habitat loss. We should stop commercial fishing and illegal hunting to support other species’ right to live.

the symbolic image of biodiversity

Different verities of species symbolically in the human hand.

What is conservation actually mean?

The first step to conserve our biodiversity is to make it free from pollution of all types. For example, pollution especially caused by chemicals and nutrient loading can be a serious threat to marine and terrestrial species. The growth of the human population also seems to be the greatest burden on biodiversity. We should also conserve some of the endangered animals and birds to keep the food chain alive in biodiversity. If we maintain our demands from nature and control our needs from nature it is automatically a great help to nature to balance itself. At the same time, we should restore some of the major trees and plants to their actual habitats. Remember the earth is not for us only it is totally for all species and ecosystems in a defined area. To observe such kind of conservation we should change certain habits in our society. Such habits can grow the chances to survive species like birds, animals, and plants. We should also ensure that our ecosystem should be in a sustainable management system governed by humans.

Methods of conservation we follow

There are two famous methods popular in order to conserve our ecosystem and biodiversity. One is In-situ conservation the other is Ex-situ conservation.

In the In-situ type of conservation, the main focus is, on the preservation and protection of the endangered species and providing them their natural dwellings. In another way, it supports the preservation of the species and to be alert about the existence of the same species. In order to ensure protection, we should also cultivate their natural habitat. In this method, we have to just create a safe environment for the species and not crating new dwellings for them. We can do this type of conservation in the same area where they found it. For example the establishment of sanctuaries, national parks, biodiversity hotspots, and biosphere reserves. The government plays a crucial role in this so that large areas of an ecosystem can be protected for certain species. For example- Sundarban, Nanda Devi, nokrek, and Manas in India. 

In the Ex-situ conservation method, we create a similar habitat for the endangered species so that they can survive in the area where they feel at home. It is the method the entire species of animal or herb are taken from one location to another one maintained in a semi-natural way. It is also called an artificial ecosystem, the most common example is a zoo, and here the species can survive at the same time they are away from the threat. They can also be sure about their bleedings. For herbs and plants, the form is botanical gardens. Here they are safe from the challenges like scarcity of food, water, or space. They are also safe from the worries of survival.

 Biodiversity around the globe in paint.

The world is surrounded with the verity of species.

How this conservation will be useful to humans? 

By conserving nature, we are preserving our future as Earthman. Humans need to understand the difference between necessity and greed. There is a thin line of understanding between these two. It is seen that climate change, global warming and other issues related to nature is due to overpopulation and human’s careless use of natural resources. If we try to conserve these natural resources we can secure a better and healthy atmosphere for our next generation. 

 Dipesh Joshi


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