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Introduction to climate change

Climate change plays a great role in our environment today. The effect which is a great threat to everyone including animals is what will be discussed in this blog. Varying from how it affects drought, dry spell and happy ranking.

The waterless land (climate change)

 Tree in the waterless land

  • The world is developing physically to build a safer place to live in. New points in the statistics of the education sector reveal that the countries support the sustainable education structure where students learn paper and core. However, the confusing question is, does education help students to learn everything world matters? Although education brings them more knowledge about everything, still people aren’t aware of many things the world must know.
  • Climate change is the biggest threat everyone is involved in. One or in another way, we all contribute to what we face now, from global warming to ozone depletion. Climate change is making the earth a barren field where nothing would grow and nobody would live. According to the studies, developed countries are more endangered by the climate side effects than developing countries.
  • Water scarcity is a serious after effect of the changing climate patterns. Developed countries are the victims of the same. Over the last ten years, the world has been struggling to get pure-fresh water that could be used for all purposes. Even America, the strongest economy in the world, is being affected by the water pollution that causes human health index low.  
  • Drought and dry spells have become a common aspect the world is familiar with. Though the countries receive rainfall, it is not enough to fight against dry spells and drought. There is a small difference between a dry spell and drought which everyone has been thinking the two are the same.
  • There will be a war between nations for water. And the absence of freshwater leads to a failed economy and low happy ranking in the emotional index. In short, climate change not only affects poor health conditions, it largely destroys the world in every corner.

What is Drought and Dry Spell?

Dry land (Climate change)The dry land with no water

  • The rainfall variation from ‘normal’ to ‘nothing to notice’ leads to drought, a serious situation when people die due to no water. It affects us globally as a disaster that can be resolved with time and strong decisions.  Countries have signed a climate change agreement in which they are responsible for controlling those actions destroying the eco-balance. 
  • Natural disasters usually occur with some predictable events and incidents while drought entrance is nothing but a speedy one and people misunderstand drought as a dry spell. Though there is no accurate definition for drought and dry spell, the available explanation gives an idea of what the two mean at a global level.
  • A dry spell is a period of 15 or more consecutive days with less than 1 mm of rainfall on each day. Whichever the place may be, at least 1 mm rainfall is needed in order to go ahead with the requirements particular to the area of living. And drought is a period of 15 or more consecutive days with less than 0.2 mm rainfall on each. This global threat is a phenomenon of high mortality rate in children below the age of 10. The world organisations like the UN are involved in the program to save the world from water scarcity and related climate change.
  • Dry spells are common in areas where the temperature level is high. In the geographical explanation, such places belong to that category where natural water sources are rare and rainfall prediction is difficult for those places. There are many places in India where water scarcity has been a daily-heard story for centuries.
  • Rajasthan, Odisha, Gujarat, and some north-eastern states like Nagaland are under severe drought-like state according to the latest observed studies.
  • “Southern Rajasthan, northern Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh and Odisha are facing a difficult time. “If these areas don’t receive rainfall during the remaining part of the monsoon period, conditions may become really bad,” said Mishra Vimal, associate professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar(IITG).
  • Drought Early Warning System (DEWS), a real-time drought monitoring platform has announced that over a fifth of India’s land area (21.06%) is facing water scarcity which can be titled as a drought-like condition.
  • Climate changes are the root cause of water absence. The water sources are getting polluted with increased emission of poisonous gases, plastics and other anti-eco products. 
  • Protecting nature from pollution and climate change is the only solution that can cover the world’s concerns. It is not about the political boundaries, different races and religions. Countries must be in one line to save the world by setting aside all the political issues.

How Climate Change Affects Happy Ranking

A flower in the barren-dry land

The barren-dry land with a flower of hope

  • Climate change affects the human emotional ranking i.e happy ranking. Human response to happiness is based on the living conditions in which they naturally are themselves. The unfavourable situations determine their response to life.
  • Some experts have admitted that drought and such situations affect the mental balance of individuals. This creates vulnerabilities for maintaining good health and eventually leads to suicide.
  • A study was conducted between 1970 and 2007 to find the relationship between drought and suicide in Australia by some experts such as Ivan C Hanigan, Collin D Butler, etc. The study proved that there has been an increase in suicides in the rural areas of Australia, especially among farmer families. They concluded as such; that the drought and financial instability mentally depressed them and as a solution, they committed suicide.
  • In short, climate change affects all the political and emotional aspects of the world. It is better to take immediate steps to protect and save nature.

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Date: 07/04/22

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