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Our next generation is always blessed when their elders leave behind certain legacies which help them grow and nourish themselves. When it comes to our planet, one needs to understand the responsibility we share to provide a safe environment for our future children. If we consume our part of the environment in our time then our coming generations will be left with nothing. There are many ways through which we can make sure we do not damage the environment and set an example for the generations to follow.


The damage being done to the environment by our day to day activities has caused us to struggle to breathe, drink and live a healthy life. Instead of finding harmful ways to overcome our comfort problems, it is our responsibility to protect our environment and make sure it is very well nourished.

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Legacies to leave behind

  • Volunteer to protect our environment

Children follow what they see. The word follow has more meaning in the next generation as it is the source of their entertainment and they enjoy relaxing and following their idles on their gadgets. When we become a part of their world, we end up guiding them by showing and giving them opportunities to have a purpose in life, Volunteering at charities that protect the environment helps them understand the importance of our actions.

  • Educate about protecting our environment

Education is a portal through which elders can make the children aware of what is environment and how the human day to day actions are damaging the planet we see today. For children, it is a strange feeling to know what earlier we did not face these many water problems and lived a healthier and longer life. Education teaches about the past, present, and future, and it makes youngsters and elders aware of what is going on in the world.

  • Plant a tree

Plant a tree has to be put in action, there have been talks and workshops about the importance of planting trees in our localities. This is an action verb, not a phrase, that must be acted on immediately. When we plant a tree, we are providing a source of food, water, and shelter for future generations.

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  • Bike more to keep both environment and yourself healthy

Riding bikes or walking are daily activities that our body is born to do on daily basis. Even if it is a shop within a five-minute walking distance we prefer taking wheels rather than going on foot. We do not realise that by using the vehicles we release more amount pollution into the atmosphere. Taking the bike more often not just reduces heart health risks but leaves behind a healthy legacy for your children to follow.

  • Shop Wisely¬†

 Plastic garbage near trees

Shopping sprees are very common nowadays not that we get everything delivered to our doorstep, but we do not understand the impact it has on the environment. When we order things, we need to make sure that we do it once a month as by doing so we end up preventing the release of harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. The delivery boys are constantly delivering on their vehicles which in turn causes damage to the environment. And not to forget the use of plastic in packaging our goods. Even though plastic is banned we still use plastic in many ways in our lives. The majority of the time it is seen during shopping itself, understand the necessities of your day to day lives and do not buy things just because you feel like it. Make sure what you buy has got less harmful products.


It is not important to leave behind crores of property for our children in our wills. All we need to do is leave a family legacy behind which is involved in protecting the environment. The will to save the planet must be carried down through generations, and we can only do so if we lead by example. No amount of money can protect our environment unless we change our habits and the legacies we leave behind. It is only going to be unnecessary for our next generation to spend money on buying fresh water and air to survive. Protect not only the environment but also your many generations to come by protecting the environment you live in right now.

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