The leading Monolith hill across Asia is the beautiful Savandurga Hill, situated at a distance of 48 kilometers from the cosmopolitan city of Bangalore. 

This is perfect for one day trip from Bangalore. The Hoysala ruler Samanta Raya built this hill fort Savandurga in the year 1543.  It was under the control of the ruler Kempe Gowda until the year 1728.


Savandurga is formed by two hills known locally as Karigudda (black hill) and Biligudda (white hill). The earliest record of the name of the hill is from 1340 AD by Hoysala Ballala III from Madabalu where it is called Savandi. Another view is that the name is originated from Samantadurga attributed to a Samantharaya, a governor under Ahchutaraya at Magadi, although there is no inscription confirming this. This was the second capital of the Magadi rulers such as Kempegowda. From 1638 to 1728, Mysore took over this place and Dalavayi Devaraja occupied this place with the palace at Nelapattana. 

Hill top view in Mysore
The mountain range is found 100years ago it is called black hill

Highlights of the Trek

Savandurga Trek

Savandurga Trek huddled in the Deccan Plateau of Karnataka, Savandurga is renowned as one of the largest monolithic rocks in Asia. The 4022 feet tall Savandurga hill is sited about 60 km west of Bangalore off the Magadi road. Savandurga is an amalgamation of two hills; “Karigudda”, signifying “black hill” and Biligudda meaning “white hill” in Kannada. The hill is formed mainly of granite rocks and is surrounded by shrubs and deciduous trees. An abode to extensive diversity of flora and fauna; one can effortlessly catch a glimpse of yellow throat bulbuls, while sloth bears and leopards can be seen in some dense sections. It is likewise called ‘Savinadurga’ or the Fort of Death, in light of the precarious incline and defense structure. Savandurga is heaven for climbing aficionados, and climbers can scale sheer rock faces enduring up to grade seven. Along with a thrilling climb, Savandurga offers spectacular vistas of Magadi, Manchinbele dam, Thippagondanahalli reservoir, and Arkavathi River.


Savandurga Trek Information

Base Village: Magadi, Karnataka

Approximate time: 4 to 6 hours

Trekking distance: 5-6 km too and fro

Water sources: None, one should carry at least 2 liters of water before starting the trek.

Best months to visit: Highly recommended to trek during the winter months. The best months are from the end of September to February. The trail is open and does not feature any trees, therefore during heavy monsoons, the hiking path becomes slippery, which makes it difficult to climb and it is unbearably hot and humid during summers.


Savandurga Hills, Bangalore
the base location is Karnataka near Magadi village

Savandurga Tourism

Situated 60 km to the west of Bangalore, Savandurga, considered to be one of the largest single rock formations in the whole of Asia. It comprises two hills, Billigudda (white hill) and Karigudda (black hill), and has a temple situated at the foothill and a pond nearby. Most trekkers choose Billigudda due to its gentler slopes. The weekend travelers from Bangalore frequent it for trekking, camping, and rock climbing.

Arkavathi River flows nearby and moves towards Manchanabele Dam. Savandurga hills make for a tranquil and picturesque trek and overlook a beautiful lotus pond. It’s one of the top places for slab climbing in the world and a lot of climbers and adventure seekers visit here often. Another popular activity here is bird watching. Savandurga trek follows a trail to the top of Asia’s largest monolith hill. Savandurga Fort was the second capital of the Magadi rulers such as Kempegowda and from 1638 to 1728, it was occupied by Dalavayi Devaraja of Mysore.

It is also called ‘Savinadurga’ or the Fort of Death, because of the steep incline and defense structure. The entire structure is formed by one huge rock. The first sight of the hill makes you wonder about its formation.

The Savandurga Trek in Karnataka
The hill station popular in India tourism and tracking

Stunning views of the surrounding reservoirs and forests

The forests and reservoirs stay with you for the entire trek. All it takes is a head turn to get the panoramic views of nature.This is a great place to take a break and catch your breath and obviously turn around and enjoy the lush green expanse journey is extremely rewarding as the view from the top is spectacular. 



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