As a farmer, soil management is a process that should be done carefully. It is a fact that 60% of the major crop is dependent on soil fertility. Regular soil testing will be very useful and necessary for farmers on a regular basis.

soil test

                                                                                                                 Accuracy of a soil test

What is soil?

The uppermost part of the land which is in a form of loose surface material is called soil. It is useful for plants for support. Plants used soil as their source of water and other ingredients that help them to develop. Soil is different from the geographical area.

 What is soil testing?

Soil testing is a process of measuring acidity based on a scale of 0 to 14. With this test, harmful substances are removed from the soil for example phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulphur, manganese, copper and zinc and others. This test not only removes these harmful things but also discovers useful content within the soil.

Why soil testing is necessary?

soil testing

                                                                     Microbes tell us how the soil is doing. And they help save on fertilizers

 – To use a particular kind of fertilizer with proper measurement.
– To check whether the soil is suitable for the future crop.
– To measure the fertility and nutrient value of the soil.
– To find the exact crop for the tested soil.
– To check the acidic value of soil.
– To find the assessment of the future profit from the crops.

The ideal time for soil testing

After the crop is taken away from the soil and the farm is empty, that is the best time for soil testing. Though the results may vary from time to time, it is advisable to check the soil at the same time every year. Ideally, after completion of 2-3 crops or 2-3 years, soil testing is most significant, because when crops are removed a huge quantity of potassium is released into the atmosphere.

Importance of Soil testing:

  • If farmers get their soil tested properly before the harvesting process they could manage their manure and water according to the soil and desired crop. By doing this they can increase the production. It is like a health report of soil. Testing will be useful to manage what soil needs.
  •  After acute soil testing, it is very much fixed about the need of exact amount of fertiliser for the soil. It will save soil from unnecessary reactions due to excess fertiliser at the same time it saves farmers from spending a lot of money on fertiliser. So, it is a wise decision to test the soil first and then start farming.
  • When farmers are not in a time to take any crops, even then they need to improve the fertility of their soil. This is a time to grow their soil for the next crops. Soil testing will help them in doing this rightly. In this report of testing not only fertility but chemical, physical and biological characteristics of the soil are visible. Other things such as soil texture, colour and structure can also be known through soil testing.

Soil testing kit

                                                                                                                         Soil testing kit

  • It is a nightmare for any farmer to see fertile soil in the west. Soil cannot consume extra fertilizer. Approximately, 24 billion tonnes of fertile soil have lost its fertility due to mismanagement in supplying fertilisers. Farmers can manage soil and save it to turn into degradation. Soil testing is more convenient and cheaper than the cost of repairing soil management. It also saves time and cost as well.
  • Soil testing can also be beneficial to the environment. When you use proper fertilisers means efficient use of plant nutrients and that turns the less loss of leaching or runoff waterways. A well-nourished crop can tightly hold soil in its place. This plant helps to build soil and saves soil erosion of water and wind.
  • In present overpopulated countries like India, farmers are under vital pressure to grow much more harvest. This pressure shifts gradually on the soil than ever before. If soil is tested, it will be helpful for farmers to grow more crops and healthy harvest. Thus with healthy soil, farmers can grow more healthy crops to fulfil the world’s food demand. This leads to a better healthy life for all humans.
  • In farming culture, soil testing is important. This fact is accepted in the very early time of farming. Various crops require specific soil. Soil testing makes it easy for farmers.

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By :- Dipesh Joshi

Date: 30/12/21

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