Apple is a fruit that is loved by all people and it has many varieties of species which are sweeter to the mouth. A fruit that has a nutritional value which earned an apple for a day keeps the doctor away. Today we are going to see about apples and 20 facts about them. 



Apples in a casket

Apple is a Red-colored fruit with a sweeter and juicy flesh with many nutritional values. The fruit starts growing from the seeds and it grows into a flower. The flower starts blooming in spring and they attract the pollinators. The pollinators suck the nectar and carry the pollen seeds from the flower petals. Then they travel to another flower and do the same and the pollination starts by this process. The pollination results in the growth of the ovary of female flowers. The ovary begins to grow by getting energy from the leaves near the flower petals and starts growing. Then the ovary starts growing big and its tissues too. This will continue till the fruit gets ripped. This is the life cycle of an apple.


Apples in a tree

An apple takes around 4-5 years to produce its first fruit. The cultivators harvest the apples by plucking them by hand. Most apples are harvested in September and October. An apple is grown round in shape with a diameter of 5-10cm. The size of the apple differs by the cells and nutrition they get. The different the species the different the colour. Colours like red, green, yellow are famous and consumed by people. An apple is consumed in many ways like eaten fresh, apple cider, jams, desserts, etc. Apple pie is a famous dessert in America.

Facts about Apple:

red apple

A picture of a sliced apple

The apple has special characteristics that are useful for people who have them. Let’s see some of the facts about apples from the following.

Origin of apple:

Apples originated from central Asia. They grew in China, Europe, and Northern America. These are the countries that are top in the production of apples in the world.

American apple history:

Apple’s origin is from Central Asia. But the apple seeds are transferred from Europe to North America for colonization and thus how North America got apples.

Characteristics of Apple:

 An apple tree grows 6-15 feet in domestic cultivation. But the trees in the wild can grow up to 39 feet in height which is larger than domestic.

The lifespan of an apple tree is around 100 years. It can bear us fruits for 100 years and then they may die.

China is the country that produces more apples for the world. By beating the United States, Poland, Turkey, etc.

Apple contains Boron which is useful to increase mental awareness, build strong bones, muscle coordination, increase testosterone level, etc.

It has Oxidants that are useful for the skin to reduce inflammation, collagen production, and make the skin look younger.

An apple contains 25% of air and this is why they float in the water and by this people used to play apple bobbing and have fun

The largest apple in the world was grown in Japan by Chisato Iwasaki in the year 2005, on his farm.

Apple contains high malic content which is useful in treating gallstones, used in skin products, fibromyalgia, etc. They can be found in apple cider, apple vinegar, juice, etc.

Apple has soluble fibre that can lower the blood cholesterol level. And by this hypertension and stress can be reduced in an individual.

Consuming apples daily may reduce the risk of cancer because of the pectin fibre, Vitamin C, etc.

An apple has high fibre content which keeps the tummy full for a while. This prevents the intake of more food and this may be able to help in reducing weight.

The presence of polyphenols, quercetin, in apples can help reduce type 2 diabetes.

The pectin fibre in apples may help in improving Gut health.

Apple’s rich oxidant and proanthocyanidins content may help in fighting asthma by reducing the cell damage in the lungs.

Apple contains 7500 varieties of species and 2500 of them are grown in the United States of America.

Indians prefer Red apples mostly rather than others. So vendors use wax to polish them but it is harmful to health. After knowing the health issue and severe action now apples are wax-free in India.

Simla apples are famous in India and people like them for their taste.

Apple is the only commodity that is rich in the food market. At first, it was considered as fruit that is for rich people and after that, all people started buying the fruit.

These are some of the 20 facts about apples and their specialty. Having an apple daily is good for our health and good taste buds for our tongue. So let’s have an apple and have a healthy and happy life.

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