Dates are fruits that belong to the genus of Arecaceae which produce small and sweet edible fruits. They grow in hardy zones of places and they grow in warm temperatures. The word Dates comes from the Greek word daktulos meaning finger because their shape looks like a fingertip. Let’s see some of the facts about Dates and how they grow.

Dates Plantation:

Date plant

Growth of date plant

To grow a date tree we need to follow some procedures. First, we need to buy a good Date fruit from a grocery store. Then we need to separate the seed from the fruit and wash them well with water. After washing them they need to be soaked in cold water for 48hours. Changes the water in the bowl every day. If the seeds float on the water take them out because they are not good for plantation. The next step is germinating the seed.

In a paper place the soaked seeds and fold the paper and moisturize them by spraying water and keeping them in a close dark place for 6-8 weeks for germination. Check the paper and if there is any mold formation replace the process and do the same again. When after 6-8weeks you may see some seeds that might have sprouted. Now the seed is ready for planting. Take a medium pot and fill it with drained soil, and palm soil mixture for the nutrition of plants. Plant the seeds in the soil by digging a 1-inch hole on the potting soil. 

Palm date tree

A picture of date fruit in the tree

After planting we need to take good care of them for good results. The plant needs a warm climate with direct sunlight. So keeping the plant pot outside in direct sunlight is good for the plant. Next, they need to be properly irrigated. Check the plant soil and if they are dry on upperside water them because these plants drink plenty of water. As the plants grow the roots grow big too. So as they grow bigger and bigger replacing the plant with a bigger pot is advisable. Once it reaches the potential height of becoming a tree we can shift it from pot to land in a well sunny and adaptable soil.

Dates and its facts:


Date fruit

The dates are used in dishes and for other purposes. Let’s see some of the facts about Date fruit.

Early presence:

Date fruit is considered the most ancient fruit after Figgs. They are way back over at least 3000 BC and planted in Iraq.

Celebrating victory:

In ancient Rome, people use Palm fronds to honor the winners of excellence in any part of the field.


The date tree can grow up to 60-75 feet in height and can bear around 150-200 kg of Date fruit in production. The top of the tree looks like a flower blossom and kind of a king crown. Their fruit size is about 3-inch and 1-inch in diameter. 

Date fruits are considered the National fruit of the United Arab Emirates. Its because it grows very well around the nation and it served as a good food source for desert people.

Palm trees are referred to in the Bible as symbols of prosperity and triumph. The reason is that the date fruit is used for food and leaves for medicine and their tall growth is considered tree are at heaven. Dates are also mentioned in the Quran book

Christians celebrate Palm Sunday using Palm leaves. They celebrate because in the past when Jesus entering in Jerusalem people welcomed him by waving palm leaves.

Jews consider the Date fruit as one of their seven holy fruits. The holy fruits are Wheat, barley, grape, fig, pomegranate, olive, and dates.

Date fruit comes across five stages in their maturing. The Hababauk, Kimri, Khalal, Rutab, and Tamer. The ripen they get the sweeter they will.

The dry date fruit contains much nutritional content and calories among other dry fruit like Figg, and raisins.

With higher fiber content the dates are used in lowering blood sugar and increasing bowel movements.

Dates provide different types of antioxidants which help reduce free radicals, inflammation, improve heart health, and reduce the risk of cancers.

Due to the antioxidants in dates reducing the inflammation and damaging of cells may help in Alzheimer’s problem. But it isn’t scientifically proved.

Eating dates promote cervical dilation in pregnant ladies and this may fasten up the process of natural labor and reduce labor time.

With dates fructose content they can replace white sugar. By replacing we can get sweetness and nutrients.

Dates have calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium which help increase bone strength and hence prevent bone-related diseases.

Including dates in breakfast and the dietary program can show some improving results in weight loss because of the nutrition and fiber in them.

Dates contain vitamins like A, K, B6, Folate, etc.

With the date fruits, many sub-products are made like Jams, syrup, and strong alcohol.

The dates are so low in weight. 1000 of dates will weigh only 8kg.

Date fruit is a fruit that is liked by all people and the fruit is less allergic to people.

These are the 20 facts about the small&sweet dates and their special features.

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