Plants and trees play a vital role in human life. They maintain the food chain, use it as raw materials, produce food, oxygen, etc. Some plants are useful in medicine. Plants have the purpose of serving and saving the surrounding around them. But in today’s world, some of the plants are extinct and some of them are in their last generation because of our negligence and development. Let’s see some of the endangered plants of India. 

Assam catkin yew

Every plant has its characteristics and special qualities. Likewise, the number 1 on the list is Assam catkin yew (Amentotaxus assamica) is a plant that grows in the warm temperature of the rain forest. They can grow up to 15m. It is an evergreen tree. The plant’s trunk is used for making fires, logs, house construction, etc. the leaves and stems of this genus species are a compound that is found in anti-cancer drugs.

 Ilex Khasiana

  • Ilex Khasiana is a species that grows in the Khasi Hills of Northeast India. It belongs to the family of Aquifoliaceae. The medicinal value of this plant is the treatment of coronary heart disease, hypertension, hyperlipemia, and hepatitis. The plant is relatively unknown but it has multiple characteristics in nature. Several experiments are conducted on this plant’s leaves for its extensive uses. There are several measures are undergoing for planting this plant to save it for further generation. 
  • Red sandalwood is a well-demanded commodity in the world for its medicinal and cosmetics products. They grow in well-drained soil and should be watered on alternative days. The growing red sandalwood by an individual is banned by some governments due to smuggling and illegal activities. It is used for treating digestive problems, blood purification, fluid retention, and coughs.
  • The ebony tree is well known for its rigidity, black color, high polishing, and durability. This was used by the ancient kings of India in making of king’s staff and used as a drinking bowl for its polishing beauty. It is used as tributes sent by the kings to kings. This tree grows in a well sunny place with well-drained soils. They should be planted in a region in which the cold temperature doesn’t lower than 15 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Musli is a rare herb that is used in India for its medicinal properties and is also used in Ayurveda, Unani, and homeopathy. They are used to reduce obesity, erectile dysfunction, and other purposes. They grow in the interior of Africa and South India. They are endangered because of overharvesting.

Measures for prevention:

The plants are enlisted today in endangered species is because of the people. The overpopulation requires more resources like food, clothing, and shelter. As we know the forest are the only raw material that we depend on. Based on some estimates if the population keeps on increasing we need to occupy the remaining lands of forest for a living. Because of this, we can able to experience the wild animals in the neighborhood. There are some plants that require certain conditions for their growth. The reasons like Global warming, unexpected temperature changes, unbalance in nature, pollinators, etc are the reasons for the species to go extinct. To prevent this we can able to fund the NGOs for the conservation of forests, plant more trees, reduce carbon footprint, Situ replanting programs, etc can save some of the species that are in their extinction stage. Let’s take at least a small step towards the balancing of nature and save the extinct species for the future generation.

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