This is also called English Bluebell which is a perennial wildflower. These are members of the lily family which grow between 15-20 celsius with bell like shaped flower.


     Kingdom –  Plantae

     Clades –      Tracheophytes 

     Clade –        Angiosperms

     Order-         Asparagales

     Family –      Asparagaceae

     Genus-        Hyacinthoides

     Species-      non-scripta


These plants are perennial which is native to western Europe and grow in deciduous woodland. It has linear leaf length and flower colour varies from pale pink to blue with room type fruit. These plants also have other names like : Scilla non-scripta, Endymion non-scriptus, Scilla campanulata, Scilla nutans and Agraphis nutans. It is described by Carl Linnaeus. This flower grows from the bulb. These have a racemose type of inflorescence and are very easy to grow. 

These prefer light and shady areas and thrive in well drained, well fertile areas of soil in containers.

Bluebells remain free of pests  and disease and resistant to deers, rabbits, and rodents. Some fungi like Uromyces can cause bluebell rust and are treated with fungicide.  

Woodland being destroyed for farming or development, people leaving their trash in the woods, deer or muntjac grazing, and individuals selecting or uprooting the bulbs are all threats to the Bluebell and also the blueball is also in danger of being hybridised by the Spanish bluebell or Hyacinthoides hispanica by pollination through it is illegal to to uproot wild bells or pick them for sale without a license issued by government.

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