Rose is a perennial flower plant having more than three hundred species across the world. It is generally red and by far the most popular flower on earth. You can understand the popularity of rose from the writings and references of the authors and literature across the world. Rose symbolizes love, passion, and varied layers of romance. The impression of roses are quite uniform across the world. Right from its red color, fragrance, and nostalgia rose has been in the imagination of people across various genres, classes, and ethnicity. Rose has acceptance across generations. It is more of a poet’s imagination or a lover’s tool than a biological substance. 


Scientific classification of Rose

  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Clade: Rosids
  • Order: Rosales
  • Family: Rosaceae
  • Subfamily: Rosoideae
  • Tribe: Roseae
  • Genus: Rosa


Fun facts about Rose

  • A rose garden is the most sought-after planting phenomenon since the birth of civilization.
  • The name ‘Rose’ is derived from the Latin word, Rosa which was previously derived from Greek or Old Persian words.
  • Rose is a popular flowering plant due to its beauty and fragrance and can withstand different sorts of climates. This characteristic makes the plant grow in various countries having different climatic conditions. 
  • Roses can grow in different seasons like summer, spring, and even during falls.
  • Nowadays, you can come across various shades of roses such as orange, yellow, white, and pink apart from the usual red ones. It is the charisma of the cultivators to grow such a diverse variety of roses. 
  • Roses are quite popular globally. An entire day is dedicated to the flower as ‘Rose Day’ in Valentine’s Week. Every year we observe 7th February as Rose Day to celebrate love. 

Varieties of Roses

Rose has different colours and each colour has diverse implications. You will be amused to know that the rosebuds and the full blossom roses indicate different meanings and expressions. It is wise to choose your rose based on the particular occasion. 

Red roses

The red rose is undoubtedly the most popular flower on earth. The flower is associated with innumerable references to love, passion, beauty, and even courage. The Templar’s Knight carried red roses signifying victory and courage and the lineage is still followed today. Red roses and love are synonymous with each other. A bud of red rose implies purity and beauty which the lovers exchange among themselves. Again, if you believe in love at first sight, you signify the thornless red rose.  


Yellow roses

Much has been talked about love and red roses, the yellow roses are also in the race. The flower is quite popular, signifying joy, friendship, or a new beginning. The proponents of red roses argue that yellow roses lead to romance as you need to be friends before being a lover. 

Orange roses

Orange roses depict desire, fascination, and sensuality. It may be the next step after the red rose wherein the lovers engage with each other and get into indulgence. 


Pink roses

Pink roses stand for gratitude and appreciation. Basically, there are two shades of pink roses – dark pink roses and light pink roses. If you show gratitude through dark pink roses, light pink roses show sympathy or admiration. 

White roses

The colour white is quite noble and the white roses uphold the nobility as well. White roses stand for purity and innocence. It may also mean secrecy, reverence, or silence as we dedicate white roses while mourning or put on a grave. Again, there is a different meaning for white rosebuds. It means girlhood and a bride chooses white roses in her bridal bouquet. So white roses signify the gradual transformation from girlhood to womanhood.     


Rose Day


The discussion will be incomplete without the mention of Rose Day in Valentine’s Week which generally lasts from 7th-14th February every year. It is a special occasion when lovers across the world express love by giving a red rose to their beloved. With time, the colour of the rose has changed but the emotion stays making the rose the most popular flower on the earth.

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  1. Anchipaka rupasri

    white-happy love
    Red- unconscious beauty
    Pink-Grace, perfect happiness

  2. Anchipaka rupasri

    yellow – joy

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