Chappan Dukan: An Indore street full of flavour

Introduction to street food

  • Street food refers to ready-to-eat food offered for sale by a vendor, eaten on a street. They vary between cultures around the world. The snacks are often classic, prepared quickly and served warm.
  • Street food as a cultural phenomenon arose in around the 1950s when people started working in cities, away from their homes and the need to have something to eat quickly without much effort and has to be nourishing. Though street foods lack sophistication, it certainly makes up for in savour, variety and aesthetic appeal. 
  • Indore, the largest city in Madhya Pradesh is also identified as the cleanest city in India. As you stroll through the city, there are many street foods you can buy and eat along the way. These snacks are sure to make an impression.The widely-known Chappan Dukan is the hub of street food in Indore that draws a large number of people to visit, also due to its hardcore hygiene and multifarious food. You might wonder why the street is called Chappan Dukan. Teeming with vibrant colours and flavour, Chappan Dukan has 56 shops on both sides of the street. Originally the market started with 56 shops. You can count 56 shops between the pillars even today. 
Delicious dish (street food)
Three plates served

What happens at Chappan dukan?

  • It is one place to satiate all your hankering cravings. As you enter the street, you find that vehicular movements are restricted. The vendors took the initiative for this makeover making the street pedestrian-friendly.  From Indian hot dogs, also known as Banjos to Tandoori Chai, the street is deluged with a melange of foodstuffs and refreshments.
  • It is an ideal place to knock around with your friends and family. Take home some unique local experiences. This bustling street is a food haven that suits every pocket. 
  • As you pass the street, you find it breezy, open, and full of shady spots and quirky corners. It has plenty of seating, air coolers, and wash-hand basins. The shops are open from 5 in the morning until 12:30  at night every day. Some of the popular Indian sweet retail chains like Agarwal sweets, Gangaur Sweets, and Madhuram Sweets have their outlets in the street. Happy news for all sweet-toothed folks! 
Delicious dish (street food)
Three plates served

Some street foods are here

  • ‘Johnny hot dogs’ has made quite a name for itself. They are burgers with mutton or egg in it. There is ‘Pizza world’ which serves ubiquitous pizzas with the desired toppings. At ‘Young Tarang,’ you get poha, sweet jalebis and hot cuppa tea. This is the yummiest breakfast combo ever. Coffee and paan shops attract a lot of youngsters.
  • The pani-puri shops of Chappan street offer the best pani-puri, dahi-puri, and bhel-puris in Indore. Jain Shree Kanchan sells a variety of momos and is also famous for its Jain food. With 150 bucks you get appetising soya chaap with pudina chutney. 
  • The street has many amenities other than wholesome food. It offers amusements for kids like pony rides, kiddie- rides, swings, camel- rides, and balloon shooting. These keep changing due to availability. 
Late-night food stall
  • If you like various street food like panipuri, namkeen, Indian snack etc and games like gun shootin on bloon, swing, swimming etc then this is the place for you:-
  • Next time you pass by Indore, don’t forget to taste some delicious street food. Get your favourite food, pick a shady spot and enjoy the time in India’s cleanest food street! Just like a magnet, Chappan Dukan keeps pulling everyone back.

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