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You may have heard of Ezekiel bread. If this is not the case, read this article to know how it’s the best bread ever. Ezekiel bread is healthier than the white bread we are used to.

What is Ezekiel Bread?

Bread is a no-flour bread made from sprouted grains. The contents of this bread include wheat,beans, millet, barley, and lentils. Before all these grains and legumes are processed, they are grown organically, and germination occurs. Then the ingredients are mixed and baked into the final product. Ezekiel bread is therefore not gluten-free and therefore not suitable for people with a gluten allergy or gluten intolerance.

Benefits of Ezekiel bread at a glance

Ezekiel Bread;
Slices of Bread

Like a protein shake, Ezekiel contains a lot of protein. In addition, this bread distinguishes itself from other types of bread because it contains no added sugars. This bread is also made from organic sprouted whole grains. The nutritional composition of the grains is changed by the germination process. Reduced Antinutrients The germination process reduces the number of antinutrients in grains and legumes.

Antinutrients are substances found in food. It can hinder the absorption of certain nutrients. Legumes contain the antinutrient Lectin, which means that eating raw legumes can be potentially toxic. While antinutrients don’t seem to be good, they don’t always have to be bad. Some antinutrients are not necessarily unhealthy, such as phytic acid. Phytic acid can be found in grain products in which the whole grain is processed.

Consuming products rich in phytic acid does not lead to a shortage of calcium, iron, and zinc with a well-varied diet.

Ezekiel Bread
Ezekiel bread with toppings kept on a gray plate

Nutrients and Digestibility

During the germination process, the grains are soaked, so they can germinate. This causes several biochemical reactions in the grains. Two advantages arise from this process. First, the number of healthy nutrients is growing. Second, the number of antinutrients decreases. Furthermore, Ezekiel
stimulates digestion and ensures that your body absorbs minerals much faster.

Due to the high level of enzymes and lower level of lectin, bread is easier to digest than non-germinated grains. Another reason to switch from 100% whole wheat bread to bread is that Ezekiel is rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, fiber, and folic acid. Also, another important thing is that Ezekiel bread contains fewer calories, in total less fat, and less sodium compared to 100% whole wheat bread.

A lower gluten content can lead to a higher gluten tolerance. The germination process can lower the gluten percentage by up to 47%, which ensures that sprouted grains improve tolerance. For the vegans among us, Ezekiel is an excellent choice for bread. After all, it contains no eggs, butter, or milk. In addition, it offers iron and protein, which many vegans are deficient in.

Often vegans drink a protein shake made from vegetable substances to fill this deficiency. Finally, Ezekiel bread contains many antioxidants, such as vitamin C and vitamin E. Antioxidants can help protect against chronic diseases. Replacing regular wholemeal bread with Ezekiel bread is an easy way to incorporate more antioxidants into your diet.

A woman looking at different breads in the supermarket

Price tag

However, all the benefits of Ezekiel bread come with a higher price tag as opposed to 100% whole wheat bread. This should be kept in mind when considering switching. But it’s definitely worth the money you pay.

Where is it available?

Unfortunately, Ezekiel bread is not for sale in all the shops. Ezekiel bread can be found in health food stores. You would think that Ezekiel’s bread lies with the other types of bread, but that is not the case. Since the product is highly perishable, it is stored in the store’s freezer. Ezekiel bread is a healthy choice All in all, Ezekiel bread is a healthy alternative to other types of bread, which usually contain a high percentage of sugar.

Keep in mind that this bread does contain gluten, despite the reduced gluten level due to the germination process. So it is worth trying bread once, as there are many benefits associated with it.

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