A commodity that is portrayed as a drink of joy, sorrow, addiction, etc is called Beer. A drink made from alcohol that is served as a beverage in party halls, hotels, bars, etc to establish classy behavior. Beer is a fermented beverage that is made from grains(barley, and others), hops, yeast, and water. It is a commodity that is well sold in the market. Beer is a drink that increases lipoprotein which prevents heart diseases and Vitamin B6 in beer helps reduce homocysteine level which is good for the heart. But an excessive amount of consumption makes it harmful to the human body. Let’s see some of the harmful effects of excessive beer drinking. 

Level of drinking

The limit of drinking alcoholic beer is 12 ounces a day. The 12 ounces give enough nutrients that help prevent diseases like Digestive tract ulcers, chronic heart failure for old-aged people, stroke from blood clots, and coronary heart diseases. It helps people to relax from their stress and people have a feeling of having a drink will clear away their stress and problems.

Harmful effects of beer

Women drinking

The bitter drink does have some nutrients but it can also have side effects and health risks to people who consume it more than enough. Side effects can be seen after an hour of consumption. Side effects like confusion, vomiting, diarrhea, blackouts, slurred speech, irregular heartbeat rate, accidents on road after drinking, etc. These are some of the effects that last for hours and will wear off with the help of bathing and sleeping. It has some long term health risks like:

  • Weight gain: The alcohol in beer interferes in the process of livers glucose transfer to the bloodstream. This makes the person hungry and craves more food. And the loaded calories in beer can improve obesity.
  • Gluten insensitivity: Most of the beers are brewed from barley which has gluten and people sensitive to gluten can be affected by it.
  • Heart health: Limitless amount of alcoholic beer can damage cardiovascular health.
  • The rise in blood pressure: Drinking more beer can increase the blood pressure level and can lead to hypertension which leads to anger and this is one of the reasons people start fighting in bars.
  • Belly fat: Drinking excessive beer leads to belly fat because of loads of calories in it. It is a tough process to become fit again once u got belly fat. It describes the saying “The moment on the lips, forever on the hips”.
  • Hangover: Alcohol in beer affects the nervous system and it leads to hangover and affects motor skills. This is the reason for accidents on road.
  • Loneliness: Excessive drinkers will be hated by the surroundings and it affects the social life of the person.
  • Interfere medication: Many people won’t drink alcohol during their medication because it suppresses the power of medicine.

These are the health risk that excessive drinking of alcoholic beer leads to. It also leads to addiction to alcohol. So let’s be responsible and lead a healthy and prosperous life.

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