Mostly within the Northern states of India jeera parathas are made with many love & ghee. People call them by their local names “parantha”, “parota” or “parontha” etc. Whatever you call them they still are healthy whole flour (sometimes maida) based flat bread that may have stuffing in it. Jeera parathas cooked in ghee or drawn butter are very heavy on the stomach on the other hand people do exercise well also.

Jeera Paratha
A plate of Jeera Paratha

Just to chop some calories I make paratha in Oil but it’s ok if you’re keen on ghee. This cumin-flavoured paratha or jeera paratha is straightforward to create. They’re made in a very triangular shape but can even be rolled into circular like plain paratha. Also, plenty of individuals spread cumin on top of dough while rolling paratha. It is important that the cumin seeds spread nice and even. So I incorporate jeera while making the dough itself.

Recipe Of Jeera Paratha – Step By Step

  • Take 2 cups of whole flour (gehu ka atta) in a very bowl to form Jeera paratha. From 2 cups of flour, we can make around 8 to 10 jeera paratha.
  • Now add cumin seeds (jeera) and salt to the flour. In 2 cups of flour, I’m adding 2 teaspoons of jeera or cumin seeds. You’ll be able to after all adjust the amount of jeera per your taste. Add salt to the flour as per your taste.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of oil to the flour. By adding oil to the paratha dough, it becomes soft and easy to knead. Once you add oil mix it into flour.
Dough being rolled
Dough rolled to make paratha
  • Now add a bit of water at a time and begin kneading dough for paratha.
  • Add water as needed while kneading the jeera paratha dough.
  • Once the dough is prepared provides it to rest for 10 minutes.
  • Divide the jeera paratha dough into very small balls just like the size of a cherry. Take one paratha dough on a rolling board and make it flat by applying pressure using your hand.
  • Roll the dough into a round 4 to 5-inch diameter disc as shown here. Apply some oil on one side and spread some dry flour and red chilli powder. Red chilli powder is optional. If you’re making these jeera parathas for youths then you’ll be able to avoid red chilli powder.
  • Fold the paratha into half so the red chilli powder layer remains inwards. Apply some oil on the semi-circular side and fold into quarters as shown here. employing a kitchen utensil start rolling the paratha during this shape while maintaining its triangular shape.
  • Roll the paratha into triangle shape parathas. This might require a touch of practice but once you’re accustomed to it you’ll be able to make perfect triangles.
 Partha on plate
Paratha ready to serve
  • Repeat the above steps with the remaining paratha dough balls and roll triangle shape jeera parathas. Now allow us to roast the paratha on pan or Tawa. For this heat, a flat-bottom non-stick pan once and place the rolled jeera paratha dough in it.
  • Once you see a bubble start forming on the highest side apply some oil on this side and flip it over.
  • Let the paratha gets cooked on either side for around 30 to 40 seconds while you apply oil on all sides.
  • Press the paratha employing a flat frying spoon and cook until either side turns golden brown.
  • Once the paratha is cooked properly take them off the tawa and place it on a serving plate. Repeat the method for the remainder of rolled triangular jeera parathas and prepare a stack of parathas.
  • Jeera paratha is prepared now. Serve these yummy jeera parathas with simple green chutney or any style of curd raita like carrot raita, cucumber raita etc. You’ll even serve jeera parathas with daals like dal palak or lasooni daal.

Health Benefits

  • The presence of thymol and other essential oils in cumin seeds stimulates the salivary glands thereby helping with the digestion of food.
  • Due to its high fibre content, jeera boosts the activity of the alimentary canal which successively stimulates enzyme secretion.
  • The potent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of edible seed, makes it a good home remedy for cold and asthma. These compounds boost your immunity and help in fighting against various diseases.

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By Arpit Mangal

Date: 30/06/22

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