A dish that makes people’s minds race to taste it and makes them happy while eating is a well-welcomed dish. The dish that is popular by its taste and appearance and liked by kids to adults is Noodles. The long non-sticky and tasty noodles have significance in Chinese cuisine. Let’s see some of the facts about noodles and their health benefits.



A healthy vegetable noodles

The history of noodles takes us back to 4000 years ago in the time period of the Han dynasty. The dish was considered as a traditional one and a healthy diet for the people. The invention of noodles had began a conflict between Italy and China for who invented it first. But in an archeological site of Northern China, a closed bowl is found that had noodles that were perfectly intact and yellow in color. And a book with the mention of noodles which was in the Han dynasty. Then in 1958 Chicken Ramen, a company was developed by Momofuku for creating instant noodles. They first sold their instant noodle for 35 yen and it was considered a luxury food that only rich people can afford it. Eastern grocery sold the same noodle by reducing ⅙ of their prices and the sales went well. With the increase in sales Mitsubishi enterprise sponsored the product which increased brand awareness. Then noodle recipe took a step forward by introducing cup noodles in which the noodles can be just heated with hot water and can be eaten right away. Noodles with taste-making masalas are the current type of noodles available on the market. 

How to prepare:

Noodle prepration

Noodles prepared in a pan

Based on the noodles the preparation differs. Up to now, there are two types of noodle preparation are there. If the noodle has a tastemaker masala it’s simple just put the noodle cake into the pan and boil it with water and later add masala and dry the noodles. Then it is ready for serving. Another type is we need to boil the noodle cake and separate them into a straining bowl. Then add oil, vegetables, masala, and salt if necessary, it should be cooked for 3 min. Then the boiled noodles are added into the pan with the masala mixture and then it is mixed with the masalas and it is ready for serve. Some people like to add eggs at the last time to give a non-veggie smell and for the protein content.

Health benefits:


A small girl having noodles in a bowl

A noodle is prepared from wheat, Maida( a sub-product from wheat), rice, potato starch, etc. Every type of noodle has different nutrients present in it. Let’s see some of the nutrients present in a noodle.

  • A basic noodle is made from wheat, salt, and water. Nutritions like fiber, low calories, protein, and minerals are present in noodle cakes.
  • Some brands use a different formula for taste-makers that may contain nutrients like vitamin B, manganese, etc.
  • Some rice noodles have low carb which is low in fat and it digests quickly.
  • Some noodles have more fiber in which one bowl of noodles will fill a person’s tummy for a long time.
  • Noodles mixed with dishes like chicken, egg, vegetables, etc will provide more energy for a person.
  • They have several micronutrients like iron, manganese, folate, and vitamin B.
  • Noodles that are made from whole grains, and adding more vegetables can increase the nutritional content of the dish.

Having noodles thrice a month is good for health because many company noodles contain Maida which is bad for health when consumed more. So let’s eat good food and stay healthy.

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