Rice milk is a simple plant-based drink or beverage. It can easily be made at home with water and any kind of rice like white or brown rice. There are products available in the market as rice drinks or beverages with sweeteners and flavors. Micronutrients are also added like vitamin D, calcium, or vitamin B12. It is a good source of nutrition and an option for people who cannot consume dairy milk or soy milk.  Since rice milk is lactose-free, it is also a good option for people who are lactose intolerant. Homemade rice milk can be refrigerated for 3-5 days. Homemade rice milk is high in carbs but low in fiber, fat, and protein.

It is historically known as a product that started in the 20th century and then popular as street food in London during the mid-19th century. Since then, it has also become popular as a hot beverage. Rice milk is a filling and cheap food which also made it popular among the poor as a meal.

Rice bowl
A bowl of rice

Rice milk nutritional Value:


  1.     Vegan drink

Rice milk is a plant-based vegan drink with multiple health benefits.  It is a good substitute for dairy milk or for vegan people who avoid animal milk. It is lighter than dairy milk and easy to digest and also lactose-free. When anyone cannot consume soy or almond milk then also rice milk is beneficial. Rice milk is low in protein compared to dairy milk and it also does not contain saturated fat. It is beneficial for the skin and strengthens immunity. The antioxidants present in rice milk also help with stress and inflammation.

  1.     Vitamin B12

Rice milk can be a good vitamin B12 supplement. Deficiency of vitamin B12 causes loss of appetite, constipation, fatigue or weakness, depression, dementia, and more. It is an important vitamin to be added to a regular diet to avoid any problems.

  1.     Calcium

Rice milk helps maintain good bone health as it is a good source of calcium. Calcium deficiency leads to low bone mass and fractures. Calcium intake helps with better bone mass and prevents osteoporosis. Some fortified rice milk contains calcium and vitamin D, beneficial for bones. Calcium is also good for muscles and nerves and aids proper blood circulation. It also helps release various essential enzymes and hormones. Rice milk contains calcium citrate which is beneficial and easy on the stomach for people suffering from bowel disorders.

Rice milk
A cup of rice milk

Rice Milk Recipe



  1.   Cooked rice2 cups

(You can use any kind of rice, white or brown)

  1.     Water – 2 cups

(Water content can be altered as per your desired consistency or thickness)

  1.     Sweetener- sugar/jaggery/dates as per taste


Combine all the ingredients and use a blender for a smooth texture. You can strain it if you want. Serve immediately for a fresh and light taste.

There are many varieties of rice milk readily available in the market. Some flavors like cocoa powder or vanilla can be added for extra taste and flavor.


Brown rice contains some arsenic, so it is good to consume moderate amounts. For the presence of arsenic, it should not be given to children. If some people are allergic to gluten, then also it is to be avoided. This should be given to children below 5 years as a substitute for milk or breast milk.

Boiling Rice
A boiling pan of rice


Rice milk is a light and easy drink which can be easily made at home or picked from the market. It is average in terms of dairy products for its nutrition and not advised to consume or depend on as a main meal for nutrition. But it is definitely a good source of some essential vitamins for better health. A fresh glass of rice is refreshing and energizing. It can also be made delicious with flavors like chocolate, vanilla, or dates.

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