The term Fitness that people know is the physical composition of the outer human body. But isn’t just that. It comprises more than that. Fitness is a term that refers to a healthy person who is perfect in his body’s physical, mental, and inner health. To attain fitness, a person should follow a certain diet, exercise, and meditation. The three types of fitness programs are Flexibility, Aerobic, and Muscle strengthening. These three fitness exercise programs help maintain an individual’s physical fitness.

Butterfly Stretch
A picture of a woman stretching her leg muscles

Flexibility is an exercise that involves stretching and making your muscles improve and make your daily life easier. Whenever you do a physical activity, your muscles get shortened. With flexibility, you can able to stretch your muscles and avoid muscle-related cramps. The benefits of flexibility include,

  • Maintain the ability to perform daily tasks without any pain.
  • Reduce muscle and bone loss issues in the future age.
  • Flexibility can bring out a good posture in a person.
  • It helps reduces aches and pain.

These are some of the benefits that flexibility can help in a human being. The activities like Yoga, standing quad stretch, side stretch, forward hang, butterfly stretch, and cobra stretch are flexibility exercises. This exercise helps in reducing belly fat, improves body structure, and improves muscle life. 


A group of women performing Aerobic exercise

Aerobic is an exercise that looks like dancing to a song. These exercises can work out your cardio and increase your oxygen intake. People who want to stay in shape join Aerobic classes and work out on their belly fat. Some of the benefits of Aerobics are,

  • Doing aerobics for a long time can improve your stamina, fitness, and bone strength.
  • It helps activate the immune system, which doesn’t make you susceptible to diseases.
  • Aerobic exercises help reduce heart disease, obesity, blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, etc.
  • This Exercise increases good and reduces bad cholesterol in your body.
  • Aerobics help in boosting your mood by preventing anxiety, tension, and dullness and making you brisk in the morning.

These are some benefits of Aerobics exercise. An American heart association recommends people work on a 30 to 40 min aerobics exercise 5 to 7 times a week.

Muscle Strengthening

Muscle Strengthening
A person lifting weights

Muscle strengthening is an exercise that strengthens the muscles and makes you do your heavy lifting easier. It increases power, increases in the size of muscles, and endurance. By following a perfect and regular exercise schedule, you can strengthen your muscles and have a unique body physique that you have never seen before. You can see the results based on your diet and proper exercise. When the muscle grows and gets stronger, you may experience some pain for a few days, but once it strengthens, you will feel invincible. 

  • By following these exercises, you can stay in shape and can stay away from belly fat.
  • This intense exercise can boost your mood and helps improve your confidence.
  • It will improve your balance and stability, strengthen the bone, and reduce back pain.
  • Muscle training can give you an invincible and muscular physique to your body.

You can get fit in your life by making all three exercise patterns. But to maintain this, you need proper workout sessions, a healthy diet that supports your workout, and a good rest. So eat fresh, exercise daily, and stay fit and healthy.

By :- Mukesh Kumar U M


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