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  • People of earth run every day for surviving in the world and to put food on their plates three times a day. Some say that we live our life to experience new things and eat different food and enjoy the life we got.
  • This is the dream and the purpose of our life. So let’s see some facts and preparation about the recipe of Aloo paratha.

spicy Aloo paratha

  • Aloo paratha is a dish that is made from wheat flour and stuffed Potato. Aloo is the Hindi word for potato. The word Aloo paratha means Aloo – Potato, Parat – Layers, and atta – Wheat flour. 
  • The flatbread is made from wheat flour, salt, ghee, potato, and spices. The dish looks brown with a little crispiness on the edges and a soft layer. The dish is famous in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The dish is famous in North India.
  • In Punjab, it is the dish that is served mostly for breakfast and dinner. The spicy and chunky stuff makes people go crazy in love for aloo paratha. 

Preparation of spicy aloo paratha

  • Take required wheat flour in a bowl. Then add the required amount of salt to the flour. On the side boil some amount of water on the stove. Take a small size of a banana and make it into a paste form.
  • Then add this into the flour. Mix it well. Then add the hot water into the flour and mix them well. By mixing we can obtain the round and soft dough for soft chapathi. 
  • After preparing the dough close it with a cloth for 10 min. Then for the aloo take the required amount of potatoes boil them and mash them well.
  • Next add salt to the required level, one well chopped big onion, coriander leaves, and 1tbsp of chaat masala, salt, jeera powder, and chili powder.

spicy Aloo stuff                                                                                            Recipe image of tasty spicy aloo paratha 

  • After adding the ingredients mix them well to get a good consistency. This is the method followed in North India. The mixture of aloo should be used within 2-3 hours or else they will get rotten.
  • Take the dough out of the bowl and place it on a clean surface and start massaging it for a few minutes. By massaging the dough it gets even softer. Then separate the dough for the required chapathi and roll them.
  • For Aloo paratha take a 50-70g of peda, it’s because to stuff the potato mix. By using the thumbs spread the dough that is enough for stuffing 50g of aloo.
  • Add a little ghee into the dough before stuffing. After stuffing the aloo close them by not letting the stuff go out. After stuffing aloo inside the wheat dough place them on the surface and use three fingers to spread them gently.

spicy Aloo paratha                                                                                                          Tasty spicy paratha

  • By spreading them gently the aloo also spreads well. By spreading evenly take the chapathi roller and make the spicy aloo paratha into a bigger circle without damaging the spicy paratha and the stuff.
  • Take a tawa and heat them in maximum flame. After tawa gets heated well put the spicy aloo paratha in tawa and add some groundnut oil. spicy Aloo paratha will be puffed a little while cooking. Now the use of ghee in dough cooks the interior of the spicy paratha well and makes them softer.
  • After cooking without burning both sides we can get the tasty spicy aloo paratha. The dish is served often with spicy chutney and spicy toppings. People’s love for spicy aloo paratha never fades and the dish will never become extinct.
  • But in some spicy aloo paratha making consist of more ghee and oil which ruins the dish nutrients and affects the customers. So instead of buying from aloo paratha from outside let’s use the recipe we learned and serve this tasty dish to our loved ones.

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By Mukesh Kumar U M

Date: 05/04/2022

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