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Seasons on earth change the lives of living organisms and they adapt themselves to it. The revolving of the earth around the sun is the reason for seasonal change. The four seasons are: Summer, Winter, Autumn, and this season. Now let’s discuss this season and some facts about it.


Warm climate

  • This  is a season that comes between Winter and Summer. This season’s specialty is that it changes the climate into long days and shorter nights. The season comes up with a warmer climate after the cold winter.
  • People can identify it by seeing the snow melting and birds singing. 
  • Animals in the forest work all the season in search of food.
  • But when the Winter season comes, animals aren’t able to act to their fullest and the hunt for food is a tough job.
  • So some animals go into hibernation. Hibernation is a process when animals go to a long sleep and come out when the Winter is over. Some birds migrate to warmer places from their home in Wintertime.
  • But when Winter is over and Spring arrives, we can see many changes in the surroundings.
  • The snow melting is the first beautiful thing to see and next is the warm and cozy air around us. After Spring arrives, the animals that went into hibernation come out of their safe place. 
  • Even though Spring comes with a pleasant climate, they also bring small turbulence of weather disturbance. The melting of the ice mixed with the ocean can increase the sea level and thunderstorms can be a disturbance.
  • But it comes and goes and doesn’t have a big impact on us. In this season, we are able to see the clear Rainbow which comes after the rain, different shapes of clouds in the sky and be able to expect good rainfall to ease the climate. 

Bird Chirping in spring

  • The season brings out many singing birds that give us a comfy feeling for our ears. The bird’s chirp is because they are waiting to mate with another.
  • This season is the time when animals and birds will start reproducing. Many flowers start their blooming process in this season. We can see many flowers with their buds closed so as to save the flower from the cold Winter.
  • And some birds chirp loudly to scare the predator which will hunt the birds. The Northern hemisphere experiences Spring in March and the Southern in September.

                                                  Festivals around the world

Spring festival

  • The season of spring comes along with many festivals around the world. Let’s see some of the festivals celebrated in spring.

Vasant Panchami

  • In India, Vasant Panchami or Saraswathi Puja is celebrated during the time of Spring season. The day is celebrated as the birth of Knowledge and to honor the goddess of knowledge “Saraswathi”.
  • The day is celebrated by doing puja to stationery items and kids joining the school for the first time. Kites with Yellow strings are flown in the sky to celebrate the arrival of Spring.


The festival of colors(Holi) is celebrated in Springtime. People play with color powders, water balloons, etc, and enjoy the festival day. The reason for the Holi celebration is the winning of good over evil.

Marzanna Day

In Poland, people celebrate Marzanna day by dressing the Marzanna doll in straws like a human being and burning it and then drowning the doll in the river Vistula. By doing this, they say farewell to winter and welcome spring.


  • Songkran festival is celebrated in Thailand in the spring season. Tourists come over here to celebrate the three-day festival of Songkran. The reason for this celebration is to embrace goodwill, love, compassion, and thankfulness.
  • People celebrate by throwing water at other people and celebrating it.

Hanami Festival

  • Hanami is a festival celebrated in Japan. The specialty of this festival is that the spring season commences with the blooming of cherry blossoms in parks and the countryside of Japan.
  • The blooming of the cherry blossoms is a delightful sight for tourists and the people of Japan. These are some of the famous festivals celebrated during the time of Spring. 

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