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  • Archeology or Archaeology is the work that studies the past life histories of humans and how they lived. They analyze it by researching the materials that are lived in the past. Products like they used, their houses, and monuments they build. The products that are used are called “artifacts”. The buildings are called “features”.
  • By using the artifacts and features they learned how the people in the past lived their daily lives and what kind of civilization they followed. The anxiety is the boost for this profession. Archeology is not only about knowing the past of humans, it also describes the animals, aquatic animals, and plant species. Let’s see the history and more information about archeology.

History of Archeology

Carvings on stones Archeology

  • The word archaology comes from the Greek word “arkhaios” which means ancient and “logos” which means the theory of Science. It is started in the 15-16th centuries in Europe. In the old times, people like explorers and grave robbers were try to make money by finding valuable things and selling them. The people in the past dig and hide their valuables in tombs and lands.
  • Some grave robbers loot them for money. It was a crime in Egypt. In the mid-1800s in Egypt, a man was searching for his goat and stumbled upon the tomb of Pharoah Ramses I. Many archeologists doubt this story and say grave robbers organized a group of people and looted tombs as a routine.
  • Ramses I ruled for a short time in the 1920s BCE. Beside the body, the tomb consists of artifacts like pottery, paintings, and sculptures. The looted tombs and artifacts are sold to the buyer and passed on hand to hand and some of them are finally handed to the museums. Many archeologists join in the invading armies to collect artifacts and explore the life of the enemy land.

Wheel Archeology

                                                                                                             A brown carriage wheel

  • Eg: Napoleon Bonaparte of France invaded Egypt and they return home with artifacts like Coffins, stone tablets, monumental statutes, etc. The artifacts are now resting in the museums of Paris, France. 

Facts of Archeology

  • Archaology is based on scientific and data results. Archeologists investigate their given project by asking questions to the public and collecting informative data. That informative data is analyzed and discussed by fellow scientists and finally, they choose their digging site for artifacts. Similarly, underwater archeologists study the water’s history and aquatic beings.
  • Mostly underwater archeology deals with shipwrecks, and finding new animal species. In the year 1985, a National Geographic archeologist Dr.Robert Ballard located the RMS titanic wreck which sank in the Atlantic ocean in 1912. The fellow members and scientists used Sonar to locate the shipwreck. Archeology consists of two types, Prehistoric and Historic archeology.

Petra District, Ma'an Governorate, Jordan Archeology

                                                                                                   Horse With Trailer in Front of Petra

  • Prehistoric archeology consists of artifacts of civilization that are non-written. The only clue to understanding their lifestyle is the artifacts. Artifacts like tools they used, huts they live in, etc. Historic archeology is the period where the people in past get the knowledge of how to write. The stone inscriptions, Stone tablets with information, literature, etc. 
  • By the archeology department, we can get to know many informative data of the past and that helps in the scientific field. Deriving and clearing the doubts in scientific research that may lead to a Nobel prize. These are the details that describe the archeology department and their works.

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