King of fruits: Dasheri Mangoes You should take it to get many medicinal benefits

  • Fruits are the sweetest and favorite for many people around the world. They can be eaten at any time even at being sick. Many varieties of fruits come and go but always there is a king of fruits. The Mango. Many Mango varieties are there with their special qualities.
  • But one mango is famous for its appearance and its history of the fruit. The Dasheri Mango. Let’s see some facts about Dasheri mango and the medicinal benefits of the species.

Dasheri Mango

Mango dasheri

  • Dasheri mango belongs to the family of Anacardiaceae family. Dasheri Mango is a variety of species that is so famous in the Northern states of India. The mango is cultivated in Dasheri village near Kokari in Lucknow. It is also grown in Uttar Pradesh and Mallihabad. The place is considered the capital of Mangoes in India.
  • The name is derived from the Dasheri village and the fact is that the world’s first Dasheri mango tree is planted in the same village. And still, the tree is functional and gives us fruit. The plant belonged to Mohammed Ansari Zaidi and now the tree is looked after by his family generations.
  • The tree is functional for around 200-300 years and the tree is protected by bodyguards, the cultivators, and the family. The Dasheri mango can be identified from others easily by its unique shape and yellowish-green color and aroma. The mangoes are cultivated outside India in places like Pakistan, and Nepal and exported to many countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong, and South Asia.

Mangoes dasheri

  • The mango has an elongated oval shape with a greenish-yellow color and sweet taste. The tree grows up to 15-20meters in height and they need a space of around 15*24 in measure. The tree requires soil that should be well-drained and fertile and with organic content the tree can grow better.
  • It needs good sunlight and irrigation for its perfect growth. Using natural fertilizers and pesticides is recommended. The mangoes are available during Summer. 

Medicinal Benefits

Sliced mangoes dasheri

The king of fruits: Mangoes contain many kinds of tastes and as well as essential nutrients in them. Let’s see some of the medicinal benefits that mangoes offer us.

  • Low in Calories

The fact that sweet always contains more calories is broken here. The sweet mango consists of low calories in them. But we should also keep in mind that dried mangoes consist of more calories than a fresh ones. A fresh mango of 100gm contains less than 100 calories. Whereas the same 100gm dried mango will have more than 500 calories in them. But fresh or dried they always provide good nutrients.

  • It May help with diabetes

People think eating sugar may spike blood sugar levels. But natural sugars from fruits are good for health and do not risk spiking blood sugar levels. Vitamin C in mango can help reduce type 2 diabetes according to research studies.

  • Antioxidants

The presence of polyphenols in Mangoes acts as an antioxidant that helps our body. An antioxidant is useful in preventing free radical formation and helps in reducing cell damage, preventing heart health. 

  • Immunity

Mangoes contain Vitamin A and C and many nutrients which help in improving the body’s immune system. Through this people can be able to prevent diseases and fight fever. 

  • Heart health

Eating a mango supports heart health. The presence of magnesium and potassium in mango helps in maintaining the blood flow in our body. And the antioxidant helps against inflammation of cells which keeps the cell healthy. By preventing cell damage and blood flow mango helps in maintaining heart health. 

  • Digestion

Mangoes contain amylases which is a digestive enzymes. This enzyme helps in breaking down food particles easily so that digestion can be done faster. 

  • May Improve eye health 

The antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin help improve the function of the retina. By this, we can able to increase eye health. 

These are some of the medicinal benefits that mango offers us. By using mangoes we can able to make different recipes like smoothies, salads, eaten fresh, etc. So let’s have a sweet mango and be healthy in our life.

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