A beauty of a place is considered by the city infrastructure, wealth of nature and wildlife, people’s unity, and resources. Jammu&Kashmir the state situated in the North of India is said to be a beautiful place with snowfall, villages, etc. Likewise, the Pulwama district of Jammu&Kashmir is a place that comprises wildlife, nature, villages, and a peaceful surrounding. Let’s see some of the facts and tourist spots of Pulwama.



A beautiful house in Pulwama

Pulwama district is a place located in the valley of Kashmir. The city is a collaboration of four Taluka’s and villages. The four Taluka’s like Malikpora, Dalipora, Chattapora, and Dangarpora. In the Kashmiri language, the collaboration is called Pnawan. This is the reason for naming the district. Later on, changed to Pulgam and now it is called Pulwama. The city’s economy is dependent on Agriculture. It is famous for the production of Rice. Even though they produce rice the district is most famous for its Saffron production all over the world. Next to the Saffron, it’s famous for its production of Milk that is huge in Union territory. The large milk production gave Pulwama a new name called “Anand of Kashmir”.

The early Pulwama was ruled by Kashmir Sultanate in 1346 AD. Then Mughal rulers came to rule in the 19th century. Later on, it was ruled by Afghans. The district comprises 327 villages of which 8 of them are uninhabited. These hundreds of villages are grouped to form 8 Taluka’s. The population of Pulwama in 2022 is counted as around 6lakhs. Pulwama district is not only famous for its food production and Saffron. Their economy is also based on Cement production in which they produce 1200 tons of cement a day in the name of J&K Cement Ltd.

Pulwama district has a higher literacy count in Jammu. Students go to university under the banner of Peace and love. There is a process to include a branch of AIIMS for students’ welfare. It is a place where great poets were born and they trust Mufti Mohammed Sayeed’s vision of change politics.


aharbal falls

A picture of Aharbal falls

Pulwama has its famous tourist spot that grabs people’s crowd and eyes. Let’s see some of the famous tourist spots of Pulwama in the following:

The falls situated around 160 km from Pulwama is a short 25 meters fall that pours Veshaw rivers water in Pir panjal mountains. Even though they are small but the view of water falling is a mesmerizing one to look at. They are one of the huge waterfalls in the Kashmir valley. Aharbal hills are situated near Pulwama, and people perform activities like fishing, trekking, and rafting here.

A Picnic spot that is surrounded by dense forest and wildlife which is 30km from Pulwama is Shikargah. It was a hunting spot at the time of the king’s ruling. With snow-clad mountain peaks and greenery place makes a perfect spot for having a meal and spending some quality time relaxing and hearing music.


Payer temple is located 4km from Pulwama which is a stone temple deep in the forest that is famous for its monolithic finish. The temple architecture gives a great name for the architects of ancient times and the building dates back to the 10th century. Travelers mention the temple as Payech.


The historic temple of Hindus ’ the Avantishwar temple is situated in Pulwama district was built by Raja Avanti Warma in the 9th century. The temple is built for  Lord Vishnu and Shiva. The temple is situated on the river banks of river Jhelum. The temple was destroyed in the early period during the conquering of Pulwama. Now, this temple is under the protection of the Archaeological Survey of India. Near this, the temple of Avantiswami is also located. 

Avantishwar temple

The entrance of the temple

A twin lake in Kashmir valley that is separated by a mountain which has a 3km gap is a famous place tourists come for. They look in the shape of Almonds. They are surrounded by the greeny hills and it’s situated in a place of serenity. Tourists trek on mountains to see both the beauty of the lake from the top.

These are some of the famous tourist spots in and near Pulwama which are loved by tourists and recommended by them. People who are in plan to have a vacation to Pulwama will not be disappointed.

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