Raisins are just dried grapes. Grapes are dried for weeks to form a packet of raisins. Raisins are mainly used for prasad.


This invention of raisins was an accident by Egyptians in 2000 BC. Raisin’s word originated from French. Raisins are generally dark black. It is also counted as dry fruit.



  • It contains calories- 508gm,  protein- 30gm, fats- 0.5gm, carbohydrates- 123gm, calcium- 40.6gm, iron- 3.76mg, magnesium- 43.5gm, potassium- 1196.25 mg, vitamin c- 78.3mg.
  • Raisins help in the process of digestion as they are very rich in fiber. It is very effective for a person who has constipation problems and acidity problems.
  • Raisins help in improving eyesight as it has a high amount of vitamin A which helps in the improvisation of eyesight.
  • Raisins help in regulating blood pressure as raisins contain a balanced amount of potassium which helps to balance excess salt consumption.
  • Raisins help to improve bone strength as it contains a good amount of calcium in it.
  • Raisins help to maintain the weight of a person as it contains a balanced amount of calories. Many dieticians also recommended raisins.
  • Raisins help to boost immunity as raisins contain anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Raisins play an excellent role in preventing anemia as raisins contain a good amount of iron, copper, and vitamins in it which are very good for the body’s health.
  • Raisins help the person to prevent tooth decay as raisins contain oleanolic acid which helps in removing germs and keeping the tooth clean and healthy as teeth are the most important as germs from there can reach our very dangerous stomach.
  • Raisins help men during intercourse so that they can produce full energy. Raisins help in the formation of sperms.
  • We know that raisins help to maintain the cholesterol level of a person so automatically raisins also maintain heart health. It is very helpful for heart patients. 
  • This part will be a favorite for every girl/ woman as raisins help to maintain healthy hair and skincare. 


Raisins Shake

Raisins are to be put in a mixer and put in the glass. Shake gives a better in the scorching heat. Raisins are the main ingredients.

Raisins Cookies

Raisin cookies are made from raisin and oats dough. It is very healthy as compared to other types of cookies. 

Raisins Pie

Raisin pie is the traditional apple pie in which raisins are also added to give the aroma of taste.

Raisins Puffs

Raisin puffs are the same as cakes. In this recipe, fruits and raisins are the main ingredients. 


Types of Raisins

Black Raisins

These raisins are the regular black raisins that can be commonly found.

Golden Raisins

These raisins are golden in color. They are dried in a humid climate. These types of raisins are commonly found in Iran.

Green Raisins

These types of raisins are green in color, it also looks like pistah. These raisins are 2cm to 3cm long. They are the dried form of green grapes.

Flame Raisins

These raisins are red. It is a large raisin as compared to other raisins. It is generally used for cookies and cakes.

Sultanas Raisins

These raisins are also called Kashmir raisins. It is very famous in Kashmir.


These types of raisins are sour. It is rarely found as compared to other raisins.

Disadvantages of raisins

  • More consumption of raisins can damage one’s body cells as the raisins contain the required amount of antioxidants.
  • Raisins can increase the blood sugar level in it as raisins contain a high amount of sugar added to them.
  • Doctors advise only 30 grams of raisins every day, if not followed it can lead to dangerous problems.
  • Raisins can lead to weight gain if a proper diet is taken.



This blog is about raisins- introduction, history, benefits, recipe, types, disadvantages of raisins. Benefits of raisins are help in digestion, improves eyesight, regulating blood pressure, good for blood pressure patient, improves bone strength, balanced amount, boosts the immunity, contain a good amount of iron, good for body health, helps to remove germs from teeth, it is very useful during intercourse, helps to maintain cholesterol.

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