Island is a small place that is surrounded by water on all 4 sides. It can be bigger and also smaller in area. Today we are going to see Shark Island in Sydney, Australia, and some facts about the island. 

Shark Island

Shark Island

The shark island is situated in the center of the ocean and is surrounded by water and harbors. The island is 250 meters in length and 100 meters wide. It is a small island with trees, grasses, and rocks in it. The island is open from morning to evening and all week. The shape of the island looks like a shark. The name Shark island is given because of the shape of the island and not because of the sharks. But in the early 1800s, there was a report that a shark attacked a cricket player named George Coulthard when he was on the boat. But luckily he survived the shark attack and return to the island’s shore. This made him famous for surviving a shark attack. 

A Ferry

After the incident, there were no shark reports on the island. So the island is safe to visit. People love the area and visited often the island. By people’s interest and request, the government considered turning the island into a park. By turning them into a park many people started to visit the island. The island’s view, the breeze of wind, and ambiance pulled their interest in the park. By turning the island into a park it becomes the Sydney harbor national park. By this and with the help of wildlife protection the island was made into a safe space with many cautious rules. People who enter the island should always wear life jackets, no parking of big boats on the shore, check water levels and temperatures, etc. 

People can reach the island by traveling through a common ferry or using a private boat and rental boats. By traveling by ferry people can get a lunch and as well pay the entry fee of the island. It cost 7 dollars for the entry fee. People are allowed to swim here and can use the small canoe on the shore of the island. 

Facts about Shark Island


  • The Island is covered with all four sides of water and it is situated in the center.
  • Shark island has a history of danger like shipwrecks and swimmers getting attacked by sharks in the 80s.
  • The island was used as a quarantine zone in the 1830s for the outbreak of cholera disease.
  • Due to many requests to change the island into a park, the government agreed to it and converted it into a park for people.
  • In 1975 Shark island become the Syndey Harbour National park which is managed by the parks and wildlife.
  • The island is famous for its Hobart race in which contestants race with their yachts.
  • The Island is considered the crown of the harbor. 
  • From the island, people can have a good view of the Opera house and the harbor bridge.
  • The island is a favorite picnic spot for family and it is a romantic place for lovers to spend some quality time.
  • During the new year countdown, people visit the island and start having a party and celebrate the new year’s arrival in style.
  • The view of New year fireworks from the park is a mesmerizing view to watch.
  • People can rent the whole island for special events like marriage functions, etc.

These are some of the facts about Shark island and its specialty. It consists of a picnic table, and a toilet and no food is sold on the island. The park is not only for a public visit it also provides a home to flora and fauna. People who are planning to visit Australia should visit Shark Island to spend quality time. 

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