Beer is said to be the most popular drink in the whole world after tea and water, generally termed as the 3rd most fashionable drink in the world. Whether a home party or enjoying an incredibly functional party at the club, Beer is likely to be a symbolic drink on most such occasions. 

 A glass of beer is kept on the table.
Beer is among the most popular beverage consumed.

Maybe, some people will drive a ritualistic attitude towards it, as in an essential part of their tradition or some might just gulp it for some inner satisfaction. As far as the minty-strike flavour is hitting one’s tongue, so does the trend of it. Many tales have included the presence of such divine drink, since the earliest of times. People from different eras and generations have maintained their aesthetic preference for beer. 

And why not? The credit itself goes to the person who was so sorted to introduce this drink to the world. Well, who was he? It is said that there was much confusion created in this debate of who invented or introduced beer. Sumerians and Babylonians were the first ones who started the usage of this drink who was also known as the creators of civilization. They resided in Mesopotamia from which beer got more favour by the people. Following the popularity, the ancient Chinese produced the first beer Kui in 7000 BC as an official drink. 

Some even say that it is the first alcoholic drink that had its consumption started from 1040 BC. It began brewing in a brewery at Weihenstephan, in Frisch, Germany. You still can enjoy such original beer even today in its origin, Weihenstephan, where they make use of golden-yellow wheat.

But as Sumerians and Babylonians had already flourished the drink centuries ago, still the drink was not much termed and introduced to the rest of the world, like how the Chinese did. 

Now, let’s see some interesting facts rumouring around the world about beer. 

50 gallons of beer consumed every year, around the globe- #1

Studies show that an average person drinks about 28.2 gallons of beer that is to be acted upon within a week. While some countries like Saudi Arabia, Germany, Austria, men, and women participate in this practice on a larger scale. Men would drink about more than 12 drinks a week, followed by women who drink more than 7 drinks per week. Even children enjoy drinking beer in these mentioned countries. The highest consumption of beer is in the Czech Republic, followed by Austria and Romania.

An original beer is made up of yeast, water, grains & hops – #2

The first step of making a beer is to ferment the grains with yeast, pursued by adding hops and water. This was the original and initial process of making beer, since the old era. Of course, there are several new processes experimented upon beer. Some countries produce beer with their process and ingredients. Oats, Barley, and Rye are also used on a larger scale for making beer. For instance, in ancient China, beer was made with sprouted rice, fruits, and other preservatives.

90% of beer is made up of water- #3

Did you ever wonder, why the taste of beer is so exhilarating that you feel like drinking it again and again? This happens because most of the content in the beer is water. Because of which you feel the thirst to sip it repetitively. It is also a drink that contains less alcohol than many alcoholic drinks out there, which makes it safer to drink.

Two women holding a bottle of beer.
Beer has also become a social symbol.

Did you know the main ingredient ‘hops’ also have a sister – #4

Yes, you heard it right. As hops are used for the preservation of beer after the fermentation process of the grains, so does the ingredient marijuana do the same work. Even if you don’t use hops and instead use some marijuana as an alternative for preservation, it doesn’t make any difference to the beer. So you can thread out from the wool, that hop does have a secret sister.

China the great beer producer in the market – #5

Over the rapid times, China has tolled the market with its large production and consumption of beer. Even Americans cannot leave an equal status when it comes to the consumption of beer. China does drink a lot more than Americans! This quote matches the Chinese beer consumers.

“So when the devil says to you, ‘Do not drink,’ answer him: ‘I will drink, and right freely, just because you tell me not to.’ One must always do what Satan forbids.”

— Martin Luther

People celebrate the festival of beer & include beer in festivals – #6

The most renowned festival of beer which is Oktoberfest takes place in Munich in Germany. It is celebrated with lots of immersed energy and people around here enjoy each other’s beer company. It has been running as a fest since 1810. Unfortunately, such festivals are limited only to certain countries where beer is consumed more.

The workers in the construction of the Pyramid were provided with a ration of beer in litres – #7
At the time of construction of the great Egyptian Pyramid, the workers would be provided with a daily ration of beers in litres as treat. This explains how popular and likable was the consumption of beer to everyone in that period. The workers too would share their enthusiasm in their work as they did know, they had been treated very wisely. This also became a factor in the increasing number of workers for the construction of the great pyramid. How wise, right?

Lagers and Ales are the two basic categories of beer – #8
Although there might be tons of variety of beer, with different processes and requirements in it, the two foremost kinds of beer are Lager and Ales. Lager is produced at a low temperature whereas Ales is produced at a warm temperature. Both are contrary to how yeast is fermented in the process. Despite their different processes, the sip of beer would taste exactly like an expected beer.

Earlier, people relied on beer consumption concerning the poor quality of water. #9
Many people in Mesopotamia and relevant regions would heavily depend on the consumption of beer, thinking as an alternative to water as they had poor quality of drinking water. They would think that it was safe to drink beer instead of poor-quality water.

A group of glasses with liquid in them.
Beer is among the most popular drink.

Word ‘Beer’ comes from the Slavic word ‘beer’ which means ‘to drink’. – #10

The word beer is technically not a name of a drink but in Slavic, it is said as a verb which is ‘to drink’. In actual terms, beer can be any type of drink but taking account of certain ingredients, the process, and the taste of it, officially it is introduced as the word ‘Beer’. But nowadays, even beer has transitioned to many further names like Pale Lager and Pilsner, Belgian-Style Ale, Porter, and many more.

These were not the end of facts but certainly, there are more such astonishing facts about beer, its origin, and specific styles, the mythologies related to it, and about its craze in the ancient world till the updated world. 

By ~ Shameen Kharat 

Content Writer (Erakina By RTMN)


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