We know that gold is used to make ornaments and sometimes in making fine cutlery.

But how many of us ever thought that the gold could be injected into our body to fight the germs. Being one of the most valued metals, gold was never like any other object. History has shown it as a currency, ornament and even element of security. New studies show that gold could be used as an effective element to fight microbes.


Recent study

A study conducted by the Southern University of Science and Tech, Fudan university in China and University of Leeds, U.K tells us that gold can be used to treat various diseases. It is more appealing to bacteria and less dangerous to us. Golden molecules can be woven with different electrostatic stickiness just to fight pathogens with minimal harm to us.

 Image of gold molecule being injected to bloodstream
Gold is being used as an effective treatment to fight bacteria


How does it work?

They interfere with cell membranes and make the cells less permeable to toxins. To improve its functionality, changes have been made in its sizes so that they can easily exit from our kidneys during excretion. Researchers even used a compound called “ Pyridinium”. It makes gold attract more bacteria from our body. This was even tested on MRSE and the bacteria was clearly impacted.


What does it change?

We have been dependent on antibiotics to cure many diseases for quite a long time. Now the bacteria also became resistant to the drugs. Antimicrobial resistance is a new emerging disease which has no exact solution to encounter. Using these kinds of techniques which are less dependent on the drugs opens new gates to the medical field.


Treatment for Arthritis

 Gold was historically used to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis and other types. The patient can observe the difference in two to six months. It can be injected into our body or by taking capsules. It works best in early stages of disease.

  • 30% of patients face side-effects from this treatment
  • This kind of treatment does not completely cure Arthritis but only reduces its effects
  • It will not repair existing damages done to the bone
  • 2 out of 10 patients does not respond to this treatment
  • It turns less effective after several years
  • This treatment is encouraged by only a few selective sections of people.

As of now , the odds are against the research. Much more research is needed into this subject and let us hope the researchers come up with new techniques to reduce the side effects of this treatment.


Krishna Amrutha

Content Writer (Erakina by RTMN)




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