Fact about Sodium Chloride, Salt that you would not know before it

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Introduction to sodium chloride

Salt has a very important part of our life. Without salt, no food tastes best. The chemical name for salt is sodium chloride and the chemical formula for salt is NaCl. Salt is a natural form of crystals that are taken out from the ocean for our purposes.


  • Salt was discovered in 6000 BC. It is believed that it was discovered by the Egyptians. Early humans discovered sodium chloride after the discovery of fire. It is believed that humans were cooking near the ocean, so they washed the food in the water.
  • After cooking food, it tasted so good that they started continuing to wash food in the water. After some days it was discovered humans discovered that it is the salt that is giving taste to the food.
  • Salt played an interesting role in our independence from British rule. Dandi march which was started on 12th March 1930 to 6th April 1930. The Dandi march started due to the tax imposed on Indians by the British.

Salt sodium chloride

Preparation of salt

Sodium chloride is mainly prepared by the natural process of evaporation. Shallow pools are created near the ocean so that the salt in there gets collected. This process is mainly done near the coastal regions. After that salts are brought to the factories so that it gets packed and gets supplied to the people.

  • The chemical equation of salt

Na (sodium) + Cl2 (Chloride) = NaCl ( Sodium Chloride) 

In sodium chloride the component is 60 % chloride and 40% sodium.

 Salt sodium chloride


  • Thyroid glands

The thyroid gland is one of the most important glands. For a thyroid gland to work properly we need iodine to be present in the salt. It helps the thyroid gland to work efficiently.

  • Body hydrated

Having sodium chloride regularly in a sufficient amount helps to keep the body hydrated. If the body is healthy and hydrated then all the organs in the bodywork efficiently.

  • Maintains blood pressure

Sodium chloride is a very important part of the blood pressure patient as one has to take a proper amount of salt so that the blood pressure gets maintained.

  • Cystic fibrosis

People have cystic fibrosis, in that condition a person sweats a lot and all the salt present in his body also gets removed. So having salt in one’s diet regularly can maintain this condition.


  • May damage kidney

Consuming salt in a large amount can damage the kidney and can result in constipation issues. If the kidney is damaged all the organs get slowly damaged. If the kidney gets all the other parts damaged automatically.

  • Can affect heart health

Consuming sodium chloride in a large amount can affect a person’s heart health and can lead to heart attack and stroke, which can be quite dangerous

  • Risk of osteoporosis

The salt present in the body suppresses the calcium in the body. Then if the body needs calcium and if the required amount of salt is not there it will take calcium from bones. This can lead to bone-related problems.

  • Risk of cancer

Consuming salt in a high amount can also lead to stomach cancer as the stomach is in direct contact with salt.

Salt sodium chloride                                                                                                                     Salt in snack


  • Sodium chloride has a very important part of our life. We all know that without salt nothing tastes good, everything is tasteless. Salt has advantages- good for thyroid glands, hydrates the body, maintains blood pressure, cystic fibrosis. Sodium chloride has its disadvantages that damage the kidney, affect heart health, risk osteoporosis risks cancer.
  • As we all know salt had a very important role during British rule. Salt has created history without that part. I don’t think we would have got independence from British rule. I would also suggest everyone visit the coastal regions so that one can admire the natural preparation of salt.
  • In the current scenario, the Netherlands country is the largest export of salt. and the largest import of sodium chloride is the United States. The good part about the salt is we don’t harm any of the animals or species during the preparation of salt. In India, we produce what we consume so we don’t export or import.

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