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Genome sequencing – Erakina

Genome sequencing is nothing but figuring out the
order of DNA and the order of Adenine, Cytosine and other components that make up the DNA.
Genome sequencing is the easiest way to understand the structure of DNA. It also helps in
understanding how genes work together.
Human Genome Project :
● It was to determine the sequence of the human genome and find out what does it
● It was a 13-year long project taken up in 1990
● This project can help in improving personalized medicine.
Genome Sequencing in Mumbai:
● Next-generation Genome Sequencing (NGS) Lab was opened in Mumbai in August
● This lab helps in characterizing pathogen
● It helps in analyzing two different variants of viruses and identifying their mutants.
● It has an edge over-analyzing a large number of samples in a short time

image of the DNA 

genome sequencing helps in predicting possible health issues[/caption]

4th cycle of Genome Sequencing:
● It was taken up by BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation)
● They have tested 281 different samples and 75% out of them tested positive for delta
variant and the other 25% tested positive for delta derivative
● As per the CDC ( Centre for Disease Control) delta variant of coronavirus cause more
● This research shows that there has been raise in the cases again in the city and the
government should plan to take up measures to counter it

Advantages of Genome Sequencing:
● To know information about future health complications. It helps in analyzing future
variants that could affect our health system.
● It helps to create a database for a nation and improves technical accuracy
● As the genome once obtained is the same for our entire life, we can use this database
for a lifetime and monitor health status. Unlike other tests, this process doesn’t need to
collect samples every time.
● Any health issues found in someone’s gene can help diagnose and avoid complications
in their family members
● Helps to store data for future research and helps their family members to enquire into
their ancestors in future.
● It gives us a sense of empowerment by knowing our future possible health risks. We can
take steps to avoid health complications.

The Grey area:
● The information derived from this do not have proper analytical validity and is to be
supported by additional research
● Limited scope in analyzing structural variants of the DNA. However, this can be
overcome through full genome sequencing.
● This technique provides information not only about the individual but also closely related
members of the individual. This brings an issue of privacy and any misuse of the data
will affect lots of people

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