The rose: National flower of the United States
Bunch of roses kept on a table

Bunch of roses kept on a table

“But he who dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose.”

― Anne Brontë

Among the ambiance of mass crowding and busyness everywhere, we tend to live our life through stress, pressure, anxiety, workload, etc. We always run for making ourselves stable, maybe sometimes we forget to discover the emotions of life such as love, purity or maybe sometimes we fail to crave for them. But whatever the situation might be, we forget to appreciate icons of beauty and love that represent them always around us, Just like Roses! What a sign of love and purity the roses represent us!

Flowers, be it any, have always been aesthetic as well as cardinal interpretations of emotions. Emotions such as purity and love have been always associated with flowers, mainly “Roses”. The relationship between love and roses roots very back in time, marking the eternal connection between emotions of warmth, grace, love, and purity. Folklores and tales of love spread across communities and regions across the world have always seen the association of roses and love, be it be any tale like “Bonnie and Clyde”, “ Shahjahan and Mumtaj mahal”, or “Laila and Majnu”,  the clear representation of roses symbolizing love has been depicted and crafted through various beautiful sources.


Although engraving a deep connection of love and purity between rose and love, it’s fascinating to learn about the historical and botanical origins of this passionate flower. As mesmerizing it’s to learn the deep association of how roses symbolize love but at the same time, it’s fascinatingly wonderful to realize the beauty of this special flower by understanding its morphology and impeccable features, that make people deeply associated with them. 

The Rose is a woody, perennial plant that traces its botanical and geological origins, as old as 35 million years old. Rose comes under the genus “rosa” and belongs to the botanical family of “Rosaceae”. Botanical reports suggest the presence of over 300 hundred species and thousands of cultivars of the flower. The cultivation history of roses states to be 5000 years old, as the oldest garden cultivation began most probably in China. History also points to the evidence that suggests that, during the influential Roman empire, they were grown extensively in the Middle East. Priorly at that time, they were used as confetti in celebrations, for their medicinal properties and hugely for the magic of the perfumes it creates.

  • Roses are erect, climbing, or trailing shrub class of plants.
  • The stems of which are usually thwarted and surrounded with protrusions of various shapes and sizes, commonly called thorns.
  • Spreading a delightful fragrance, which varies according to the types and climatic influences of the region.
  • Petal colour varies along with a wide range. Spreading from shades of white, through various tones of yellow and even to tinges of pink to dark crimson and maroon.
  • The flowers of wild roses usually bear five petals, whereas the flowers of cultivated roses represent themselves as, petals in sets of multiple.


The connection of Love and Roses| Rachel Cho
A wedding bride holding a bouquet of white roses

Although, roses have been generally associated with love, affection, and purity; but the fact that roses symbolize love began a long time ago and can be seen through various cultures, events, and occurrences through history. The history of love and roses has always been a topic of great impact, and the portrayal of love and purity through the roses has been observed throughout centuries. Roses have also been associated with various literature of love, romance, and affection. Including the significance of, how roses symbolize love has also played a major part in various use of its abstract element in various well famous stories, depictions of passionate love, and most importantly the emergence of rose and love quotes.

Some histo-cultural  examples  associating rose and love:

  • Aphrodite & Greek Mythology: One of the first recorded depictions of roses symbolizing love can be observed from ancient Greek Mythology. It depicts that Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, had walked through a garden of roses that had been shot with an arrow by the greek god, Cupid. The roses had armoured thorns thanks to Cupid’s arrow. Interestingly, the goddess Aphrodite pricked her thorn on a rose and her blood turned roses into a red colour. A fascinating story like this might be the reason, that intrigued people to consider roses to be romanticized.
  • Roman Mythology: Roses were well-known to be symbolized as desire and secrecy in Roman mythology. They held a significant place in their daily life and culture. Romans would fascinatingly keep roses in their bedrooms to signify the beauty, love, and purity that Venus was known for. Their pleasant-smelling fragrance graced many Roman courtiers and rooms. They also felt embraced, unearthing the deep love and desire that,  the roses withheld.
  • Christianity & Roses: In the Christian religion and culture, the rose holds a spiritual significance, and was considered a symbol for their holy Virgin Mary. In Christian mythology, She is often portrayed as the “rose without thorns”. Even the word rosary is said to be originated from roses and is portrayed by a garland of roses. Roses have always been known to symbolize purity and faith in the Christian religion and have been seen popping up various times throughout history and its cultures.
  • Red Roses in the Modern World:  Famous poet and architect of English literature,  William Shakespeare famously depicted roses in his fascinating poetry. The story of Romeo and Juliet is regarded as a fascinating metaphor for the depiction of romance, beauty, love, and purity through its aesthetical portrayal. 
  • Arabs: For the ancient Arabs, red Roses also empowered love and purity. They also yielded the thought that this specific type of flower yielded a real effect on their heart. Roses and the association of roses and love, and the use of the abstract aesthetical and spiritual element of the flower in their stories and tales have been reflected frequently.
  • Victorian-Age Beliefs: Flowers were very eminent to the Victorians. They represented flowers to express their feelings of love and purity. They presented flowers, especially roses as a gift to celebrants on ceremonies and occasions. They were deeply obsessed and connected themselves closely to the language of flowers, especially concerning those constituting the essence of romance and love.


    Melody & Mist Portrait Of A Lady, By Etienne Adolphe Piot 1850
    A lady holding a bouquet of different types of roses

Roses and love have always been living on the same page throughout history and even have achieved a much soulful significance with the development of human life and emotions. Their grace on the topic of love and purity has helped rose and love associate with each other throughout time.


A close up of a red rose with morning dew - meaning of a red rose
Close up of a red rose with morning dew

It’s the embodiment and histo-cultural traditions that associate roses and love! These stunning gifts of nature are the aesthetical embodiment of the sentiments of romance, affection, love, and purity in their raw essence. From the depictions and vintages of literary classics to modern cinema blockbusters, poets, writers, creative producers, and directors have mesmerizingly portrayed the romantic significance of the Red Rose and various types of roses depicting their cardinal influence on the infliction of human emotions through their creative and artistic work.

Roses and love quotes:

Roses have always played a vital role in romanticizing the essence of passionate love and purity. Their conceptual use of abstract beauty in modern-day poetries, stories, the depiction of how roses symbolize love through the fascinating history of roses and love, inspire and fascinate people fantastically.

These romantic rose and love quotes and the understanding of the connection of roses as a symbol of love will make us engrave more about the feelings of our special person. The rose has long been the embodiment of love and is often given as a wonderful present to show how much care and respect we feel for our special person.

  • True love is like little roses, sweet, fragrant in small doses.

                                                                                                     – Ana Claudia Antunes

  • “ The Love and  red rose can’t be shrouded away.” 

                                                                                                    – Thomas Holcroft

  • “ love is the rose that blooms eternal.”

                                                                                                   – Rumi

  • I’d rather prefer  having roses with me than  the diamonds on my neck.” 

                                                                                                 – Emma Goldman

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