Nemesia is a bedding plant that has different uses in gardening.

This ornamental plant can be used as an edging plant in mixed borders with a varied range of colours of flowers and colours. 


different flowers of Nemesia plant


Kingdom       Plantae      

Clade             Tracheophytes

Clade             Angiosperms

Order             Lamiales

Family           Scrophulariaceae

Genus             Nemesia

The Nemesia plant looks like an orchid, frost-tender and comes from South Africa but it’s a little bedding plant with a wide range of uses in the garden. Nemesias are colourful annuals and short-lived perennials that bloom from late spring until autumn, bearing fragrant, and low-maintenance flowers that is They come in a variety of colours, including orange, red, pink, purple, blue, and white, with contrasting centres on many of them — some even have bi-coloured blossoms. These are commonly used as edging plants or groundcovers in landscaping, as well as in mixed borders, forest plantings, rock gardens, and hanging basket plants. With flowers that can entirely cover low-growing leaves, these plants may resemble miniature snapdragons or edging lobelia (the top four petals form a fan with one large and sometimes lobed petal underneath). As long as the weather stays mild, the plant can produce so many blossoms that they almost completely obscure the rest of the foliage. Nemesias can be bushy and compact, making them ideal for growing in pots or at the front of a border, or trailing, making them ideal for hanging baskets.

  1. strumosa and N. caerulea are the two most popular species. The majority of Nemesia varieties reach a height of around afoot, although some can reach two feet. The N. strumosa type is a true annual that blooms in one-inch blue or white flowers and grows up to a foot tall, but the N. caerulea variety is a more delicate perennial that blooms in purple, pink, blue, and white on plants that grow up to two feet tall and grows to about a half-inch.

Nemesis is taken as plug plants in the early spring or as garden-ready plants in the late spring and summer. Nemesias can be grown from seed in some cases. After the frosts have passed, plants are kept in a sunny position in well-drained soil. They must be provided with an abundance of water , slow release fertilizers. The culted flowers must be cut from the plant for better growth. they must be transferred from frost-free to overwinter if you want them to flower the following year.

By- Pragya Joshi 


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