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Our living system is changed according to the change in climate and atmosphere. Physical-world is based on climate, and if the climate is warming day by day the entire ecology will follow the change anyhow.

Ecology and climate change

We know the different climate-changing such as temperature increases, storms, hurricanes, downpours, and so on. That climate change is so fast that before doing anything to save it, the fast-changing situation became dangerous for plants and animals. This drops a high effect on the ecosystem and our daily life also.

When the temperature rises happen there might be some change in the timing of seasons. Due to that same geographical area or habitats changes completely. As a result, some of the species have to change their place forever. A very famous example is the European butterflies. These butterflies have to shift their living area about 114 km north due to increasing temperature. This example proves that changing the habitat of any species may result in the decline or go extinct. In a long run, it will give a serious effect on the ecosystem.

polar bear

In the middle of the ice white polar bear is looking around the change in the climate

Scientific point of view:

When some scientists tried to understand this situation of change in climate and atmosphere, they came to know that the Earth’s climate system is getting worse. This worsening situation gives birth to negative consequences for human beings as well as another ecosystem. The examples related to a disturbance in the climate indicate a warning bell to the danger for the ecosystem. The prime impact is seen in the change of temperature of ocean water, which results in drought, flood, heat waves, and sea-level rise. All these are dangerous for humans and ecosystems especially biodiversity around us. In short, scientists see the connection between climate change and the pattern of the ecosystem. 

Not only this some research also showed how a minimal change in the climate cycle can affect the terrestrial, aquatic and marine ecosystem. So, if we want to live in a safe and convenient ecosystem, we should follow some campaigns where we are learned to avoid any activities that may result in the emission of carbon into the atmosphere. Though we succeeded in doing this with our 100% ratio, then also humans have to suffer the impact of the past deed even till the upcoming decades or even for centuries.

Why the threat to the ecosystem? 

The ecosystem is everywhere around us. The ecosystem is also connected to the climate and sometimes it is based on the climate and other natural sources. When these sources get disturbance, it is natural to affect the ecosystem related to that natural aliment. As climate change is a rapid activity, the ecosystem has to change according to the change of climate and other global changes. It is not only confined to temperature rise but also touches precipitation, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration, water balance, ocean chemistry, and other extreme changes. Why always ecosystem is related to climate because there is a complex connection between different ecosystems like an aqua cycle, rain cycle, food chain, etc. These changes in climate are not only threat to humans but also disturb biodiversity worldwide and serious impact on human and the propertiesthethe f the ecosystem.

Globe covered with greenery

It suggests that our planet is safe and lively till we can secure our ecosystem.

How does it relate to humans?

Biodiversity has a direct connection to humans, as it has a serious connection with the food supply of humans. The major effect can see in food production. Most food production i.e. crops and harvest based on the rainy season, and the direction of the wind. But as the climate is changing its face every time, it is a big threat to biodiversity worldwide. This is not only related to field crops but also the seafood is affected due to these notable changes in ocean waters. Apart from that coral bleaching can happen due to overheated water in the ocean. As a result, humans have suffered from the scarcity of food in society. The wildfire in the forest also caused the life of wildlife in the forest. Here also climate change is a villain in a form of excess of atmosphere.

It is seen that the biological progress and ecology has got drastic change due to human activities, some are unchanged by human actions also. As the human population increased day by day, there should be a chance that the ecosystem gets disturbed due to human interference. This population moves around the ecosystem, around species, populations, and genes. If we stop disturbing the climate we find our planet safe.

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