Every person in the world has come across a sign saying “No smoking”. The sign reminds the people that smoking is a harmful habit that can kill a civilization. Many people nowadays become smokers. Even small kids are addicted to it. So to stop smoking and to help people, the World Health Organisation (WHO) came up with a plan of creating Anti-Tobacco day. On this day, people who are smokers should avoid smoking at least for a day. Let’s see the significance and facts about Anti-Tobacco day.

Anti-Tobacco Day

No tobacco day

A poster for Anti Tobacco day

Anti-Tobacco day or No smoking day is a day celebrated by the World Health Organisation to let people know the harmful effects of Tobacco on our society. The day is celebrated on May 31st every year. In 1987, the members of the WHO realized the increase in smoking cigarettes among people and the death toll of smoking-related diseases also started increasing. So to stop people and nature from smoking, they started Anti-Tobacco day. At first, Anti-Tobacco day was celebrated on April 7, 1987. But after the next year due to some reason, they rescheduled the date to May 31st.

The committee of people gathers every information about smoking and its demerits. The information gathered is explained to the people as awareness. The main prospective of the committee is to spread awareness among the people and reduce the death toll and save the earth. Statistics say that more than 160 million Americans live with diseases related to smoking.Also every year, more than 8 million people die due to smoking. Among these 8 million people, 1.2 million are non-smokers who are affected by breathing tobacco smoke. 

Significance of Anti-Tobacco day

The following points prove that the Anti-Tobacco day is important in people’s life.

  • The Anti-Tobacco day explains how the tobacco industry affects our people and the environment. The tobacco company products are affecting mostly low and middle-class families. 
  • The money spent on cigarettes is more than the money spent on education and food in certain families.
  • The facts about non-smokers’ death due to second-hand smoke explains the people to be careful as well as the danger of a cigarette.


A poster supporting no smoking day

  • Tobacco farming requires a lot of fertilizers and pesticides. The chemicals in those affect the land and other resources. The manufacturing of cigarette and tobacco products leaves around 2 million tons of waste. The tobacco-growing takes around 4.3 million hectares of land. These hectares of land can be used for some other good purposes instead of farming tobacco.

These are some of the essential points that Anti-Tobacco day conveys to the people. 

Facts about Tobacco

A cigar

A burning cigar

Let’s see some of the facts about using cigarettes and tobacco in the following.

  • A smoker’s lifetime is reduced by 10 years on average.
  • Cigarette smoke contains 7000 chemicals in it. 70% of those are caused by cancer.
  • A person starts his/her first cigarette in high school.
  • Smoking and tobacco use kill more than millions of people. And the death toll will increase even more in 2030.
  • Smoking causes diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke, and lung diseases.
  • A single cigarette consists of 1 milligram of Nicotine in it. And 4 milligrams is enough for a person to get addicted.
  • Tobacco products are the only thing that kills their consumers slowly.
  • Tobacco kills more people than other diseases and accidents.
  • Smoking affects tooth color, tooth, and gums.
  • Cigarette company makes advertisement that pushes people to buy them.

These are some of the facts about using tobacco and its harmful effects on people. 

People think smoking is cool. Yes, it is but it does kill people. People who are trying to get rid of smoking can do a lot of things like using nicotine patches, controlling the urge to smoke, and consulting a doctor for tips. So let’s stop smoking and save ourselves from the death grip of tobacco and have a happy life.

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