The earth is full of resources and living things that are found only in forests. But nowadays some animals and trees are getting hunted down. The government comes up with the idea of making Wildlife Sanctuaries that protect them. Many wildlife sanctuaries are present in India but the Mhadei wildlife sanctuary is something more special than others. Let’s see some facts about the Mhadei wildlife sanctuary.

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

Sanctuary board

A rule board of the sanctuary

The sanctuary is situated near the village of Valpoi, Goa. The name Mhadei comes from the river Mhadei that runs near the sanctuary. The party city of India which is full of beaches has also become a place to conserve nature. The sanctuary covers an area of 208 sq. km. The history of the formation of the sanctuary involves birds. The Nilgiri Wood Pigeon and many birds started migrating into the sanctuary paving the way for the declaration of Wildlife sanctuary in 1999. Through this many birds started migrating and it become a home for many birds. The sanctuary provides a home for more than 255 species of birds and 55 species of birds do their breeding here. 

The sanctuary covers a huge part of the land that contains trees that is evergreen and deciduous. The western ghats come under the boundaries of the sanctuary. Through this Goa become the only state of India that protects the western ghats that lie within the state. 

Ashoka tree

An example of an Ashoka tree

The sanctuary contains many Flora and Fauna that enrich the sanctuary and the state. Many trees present here are evergreen and deciduous. The Ashoka tree is one of the famous trees in the sanctuary that gives out saffron color flowers. And the sanctuary contains more than 1000 species of tree with endemic orchids.


A picture of Black Panther

Mhadei Wildlife sanctuary consists of many animals in which some of which are rare to see in all forests. The animals like Black Panther, Sloth Bear, Giant Squirrel, Mouse Deer, Asian wild Dog, etc are found here. Other animals like Sambar Deer, Indian Hare, Ruddy Mangoose, Black-faced Langur, etc also found here. The sanctuary was once used for the Project Tiger because of the spotting of Bengal Tigers in the sanctuary. Some of the rare bird species took an important role in the creation of the sanctuary. Bird species like Nilgiri wood-Pigeon, Malabar parakeet, Malabar grey hornbill, and Grey-headed Bulbul are present here. These are some of the unique birds seen in the Mhadei Wildlife sanctuary. But the sanctuary contains a flock of different species of snake and Amphibians. Snakes like Indian Krait, Saw scaled viper, and Spectacled Cobra are found here easily. And we can able to see many kinds of frog species here.

People who plan to visit the sanctuary should never miss some sights and activities in Mhadei. 

The Mhadei river which is a sight of delight is also an important resource for Goa. It is a river that is 82km long. It is a good place for photography and the river has a good ambiance.

Vagheri hills are the third highest-peaking hills in Goa. The hills consist of many cashew plantations and migratory birds. People who visit this hill often do trekking activities with a help of a local guide. Remember people who are visiting here should hire a local guide for a better and safe experience. 

Varaz Sakhla and Virdi waterfalls are next to the do list. They are also called twin waterfalls. The falls give the silence and the peace that a person requires. It also gives a touch of nature and the view above 469 ft height gives a chilling feel. 

Rafting in the Mhadei river gives an adrenaline-pumping adventure for people. Visiting during the monsoon time is recommended for the high water level for a fun adventurous ride. 

These are some of the places near Mhadei wildlife sanctuary that tourists must visit to have their trip a rememberable one. People can visit in any season of time except Summer because of the heat. Tourists should come prepared with their travel kid like binoculars, insect repellant while on forest trek, sunscreen, etc. People are recommended to hire a local guide for safety. So let’s have a visit to Mhadei wildlife sanctuary and have a wonderful trip to remember.

Mukesh Kumar U M

Date: 06/05/2022

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