Parties, happy occasions, depression, and heartbreak make every person have a drink of alcohol. In today’s world, we can able to see alcohol in every house. Some may drink for addiction, and some drink on occasions. Every people have a reason for having a drink of alcohol in their hands. But many people are aware that it is bad for health and willingly take the risks in their life. So today we are going to see some of the facts about overconsumption of alcohol and its effects.



Alcohol is a drink that contains chemicals which is not good for living organisms. The world’s first alcohol is made from the fermentation of rice, honey, and grape. It is dated 7000-6000 BCE. People of Egypt, Babylonia, greek, and many others had alcoholic beverages. Greek literature mentioned excessive alcohol’s effects on people’s awareness. 


In the 16th century, alcohol was used for medical purposes and they call it has spirits. But these spirits are also used as booze. This consumption made the birth of alcoholism spread in the country. Some of the alcohols like Brandy, whiskey, beer, and Moonshine are consumed in earlier times. 


By knowing people’s interests many people started brewing beers, and alcohol varieties and sold in markets. The famous among them are Tennessee Whiskey, Kentucky Bourbon, and traditional Moonshine. These brands are trusted for their pureness in their product and correct consistency that local brands can’t compete with them. People who choose to drink alcohol will buy trusted rich brands because they are perfect alcohol than duplicate. Sometimes duplicate alcohol drinks can cause instant death or various problems.

Effects of Alcohol in life

A Drink

People who drink alcohol always have a reason for their drinking. But drinking them is not good for our body. Even little alcohol can give a burning taste and sensation to the tongue and throat. There are many problems that alcohol does to a person. Alcohol is a drink that reacts in our body for a shorter period. Once a person has alcohol in his body he can able to sense a dizzyness and a different feeling in his body. While drinking alcohol people can experience relaxation, euphoria, and a change in mood. But for a few minutes of relief will pay us a lifetime of suffering. So let’s see some of the harmful effects of drinking alcohol. 

  • Alcohol can have short and long time effects on our bodies. 
  • Some of the short time effects occur while drinking. Like slurred speech, headache, vomiting, and losing consciousness.
  • People who drink only on occasions alone will not have a big effect on health. But even though they suffer a bad time after drinking when the kick wears off.
  • Alcohol makes people addicted to it. It’s because of the chemical reaction that undergoes in our body that makes to adapt to it. Without it, the body may not function properly for a short while. People sense symptoms like shaky hands, craving for alcohol, etc. So to suppress these symptoms some people drink alcohol. 
  • Some of the long time effects of alcohol are a weakened immune system, weight gain, sexual dysfunctions, hypertension, increase in blood pressure, and difficulty in focusing. 
  • Overconsumption of alcohol can lead to inflammation of the pancreas and may result in pancreatitis.
  • Without the proper functioning of the pancreas, insulin secretion is affected and leads to low blood sugar and hypoglycemia. So diabetic patients shouldn’t have alcohol.
  • Excessive alcohol can affect the central nervous system which is responsible for our actions. The alcohol reduces the reactivity of nerves. We can abe to sense this by slurred speech and wobbling while walking.
  • For some people, alcohol reacts differently. While people are drunk they can’t able to control their feeling and they break down crying. For some people when alcohol enters their system they act violent which leads to unwanted bar fights, domestic violence, etc.
  • Much domestic violence has happened because of alcohol overconsumption.
  • The main effect of overconsumption is liver damage and kidney damage.
  • Overconsumption of alcohol can interfere with sex life and make their life difficult. It results in the prevention of hormone production, unexpected pregnancy, and erectile dysfunction.
  • Pregnant women drinking alcohol leads to miscarriage and affects fetus organs like the liver, heart, bones, and central nervous system.
  • People who decide to stop drinking suddenly can able to experience a lot of problems. It’s because the body has adapted to alcohol for a quiet time and without it, they don’t work properly. This sudden drop of alcohol lead to side effect like nausea, trembling, insomnia, anxiety, etc. 
  • So people are recommended to reach the doctor’s door to recover from alcohol’s grasp to live a peaceful life. There are rehab centers that offer to get rid of alcohol and other drug-related habits.

These are some of the effects of alcohol on the human body. So people should be aware and recommended not to take any wrong decisions in their lives. So let’s think straight and lead a great life.

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