The Hug day is a day that all the people on the earth celebrate by expressing their love towards the other by hugging. It is a day that makes the relationship stronger and inseparable. So like showing our importance to the relationship we should also do that same towards our nature. In the busy and digitalized routine of our life, we should also remember to save the environment we live in. Let’s see some of the impacts and preventing methods to save nature.


Global Warming:


Example of impossible climate change




Everything is on a routine and as some set of rules, likewise the earth as its routine. The changing of climate, living organisms, etc has a purpose in the world. The balance of this is disturbed then we can able to sense its impact on us in various ways. This impact is now called Global warming. Global warming is a phenomenon that isn’t natural it is man-made. Slight temperature increase around the environment, climatic changing delay, and disturbance in the life cycle. These are now ignored by many individuals but this causes a major threat to humanity. This affects climatic change, inconsistent rainfall, harvesting problems, impact on food production, etc. It is observed around mid 20th century. The industrial revolution is the starting step for global warming. Some of the gases trap the heat in the atmosphere and make the atmosphere warmer. Like Carbon dioxide, a very important element in day-to-day life that is produced from respiration, volcano eruption, deforestation, and burning fossil fuels which emit more Co₂. This concentrative emission of Co₂ makes the gasses trapped in the atmosphere and initiated climate change


Ozone layer
A simple sketch of the ozone layer




The gases Chlorofluorocarbon, a synthetic compound used in industries are now increased in rate which created holes in the Ozone layer. The ozone layer s a shield that is present in the earth’s atmosphere and works as a filter that absorbs UV rays from the sun. If this ozone layer is destroyed the UV radiation on earth will increase and that is harmful to humans. It may cause certain types of skin cancer, eye cataracts, immune deficiency, it affects plants production and agricultural production.


The human-made changes in atmospheric greenhouse gases made a small drastic change in the earth’s atmosphere. Some of the effects are:


  • The earth becomes warmer and some regions may have a warm climate and others don’t.

  • Warm weather conditions lead to evaporation and precipitation which makes some places rain and some places dry.

  • Strong warm weather conditions lead to glacier melting and that increases sea level.

  • The excessive amount of Co₂ can have positive and negative effects on crop yielding. 

Prevention methods:


Greeny earth
Example of balanced greeny earth




Global warming can’t be reduced overnight, but by taking specific measures we can reduce it at a slower pace and can bring back the balance of nature. Let’s see some of the measures to reduce global warming:


  • By using disposable products more resources are wasted. Usage of products that can be reused is a wise option in reducing global warming.

  • Changing lightbulbs from incandescent bulbs to CFL. CFL bulbs last three times longer than incandescent bulbs and produce less heat.

  • Vehicles produce more smoke and heat which makes the surroundings hot. Usage of vehicles that runs on fuels can be reduced and instead of that people can carpool and go cycling. 

  • Conserving electricity in houses by switching off the appliances that are not in use can save energy.

  • If any chance of planting trees or helping the NGOs with capital is most welcomed.

  • Cleaning the beaches that are filled with plastic waste can help to clean the ocean environment.

  • Try to encourage more people to join in community work and explain the case and make them help to reduce global warming.

By following these steps we can able to conserve energy, money, reduce global warming and have the satisfaction of helping other fellow human beings. So let’s conserve energy and save nature and us.


By Mukesh Kumar U M

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