Happy kiss day – planting a kiss for the green spaces


It is said that the space between two pines is the doorway to paradise! But how often do we thank the pine for keeping the door intact?


a tree bark embedded with a heart- Kiss Day
Because trees are meant to be loved;

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It’s Valentine’s week and we are all set to plant a kiss for our loved ones. Do you know what symbolizes love like nothing else? Flowers! Yes, the sweet fragrance of a bouquet is a must when it comes to dating, especially on valentine’s week. But it’s quite surprising that we forget the source of flowers.


The background of all human activities:


Yes, the source of several resources-plants is always forgotten in the long run.

It’s not just love-centered memories that hold the background of a favorite memory. Several childhood memories are etched in the brain center around the green spaces.


a little girl on a tree branch

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We tend to raise our property values by adding commercially valuable species to our garden collection, we derive spiritual inspiration from certain trees and use their resources for daily purposes. 

Our customs and traditions are also centered around the plants and their resources. 


tulsi being worshiped by a priest

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Even our prayers are incomplete without the plants. Plants have always formed the background of all human activities while mankind has left no stone unturned to exploit the trees for their resources. The result is deteriorating climatic conditions with several questions on a sustainable future!


So, would it be wrong to plant a kiss for the plantlets or to plant one more tree in the week of love?


With innumerable resources in store, trees not only reduce air pollution but also ensure the well-being of human beings. They serve as biodiversity boosters and constitute a major portion of the terrestrial ecosystem. Trees have catered to the needs of man since the stone age! Early man used to settle down near water sources and initially thrived on plants. The sense of edible and non-edible plant parts has thus been induced from the trees. 


Several modern-day issues can be tackled by simply planting trees!


  • The carbon dioxide level check: They keep a check on the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. We are all aware of the fact that the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is used up by plants for photosynthesis. 


schematic presentation of photosynthesis

image source:https://photosynthesiseducation.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Photosynthesis-for-Kids-Infographic-768×975.jpg


A single tree thus produces oxygen for four people. It is believed that an acre of trees is capable of absorbing carbon dioxide released from a car journey of 26,000 miles. 

  • Carbon storage: Carbon storage is a burning issue in present times especially when it comes to combating climate change. The more mature a tree is, the more carbon it stores in the woody biomass!

  •  Particulate matter: Little particulates that trouble us today get trapped among the tree leaves, hence reducing air pollution and the risk of diseases that arise from particulate matter.

  • Economic values: The benefits of trees can thus be distributed for the making of a sustainable and liveable future! Pradhan Mantri Van Dhan yojana makes the best use of forest produce to increase the income of tribal populations. Forests are treasures of resources. From wood, medicines, rubber, gum, resins, and paper to edible fruits and vegetables, trees have it all. In New York,88% of the tree species are used up for medicinal purposes.


latex being collected from rubber plant

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  • Boosting mental health: A study has found that the students who had views of green landscapes more often score well in the exams and have the potential to recover speedily from a stressful event. An improved classroom engagement is an outcome of being present around the trees. As per the researchers of Denmark, childhood exposure to green spaces reduces the risk of developing an array of psychiatric disorders during adulthood.

  • GHG emissions: Trees eat out greenhouse gas and play a major role in boosting biodiversity. They reduce UV -B exposure by 50%. An estimate says that the trees of the United States alone account for 18.3 billion dollars in the annual value that results from air pollution removal.

  • Anti-aging remedy for roads: It is believed that shade trees can reduce the rate at which the roads and pavement surface age. 

  • Food security: Agroforestry has come up with future benefits. It is being promoted for sustainability and nutritional security.

  • Cooling effect and water-saving: The weekly water requirement of trees stands at 15 gallons while they release 200-450 gallons of water per day. We are well acquainted with the cooling effect that a tree provides. But it is surprising to hear that it also helps to save water. The shade of a tree leads to slow evaporation from the lower vegetation. Trees can serve as natural air conditioners when placed strategically around the house.

  • Water pollution check: They break the rainfall and allow for more seepage of stormwater and rainwater hence keeping a check on soil erosion and water pollution.


We owe it to them!


.India has taken up the target to attain net-zero by 2070 in the COP 26 summit. Creation of oxygen – the oxygen forests and several other initiatives lie ahead of us. But is it sufficient to have it all announced in the top tier of governance?

What about the grassroots level? We also consume our share of oxygen daily. We, therefore, owe it to the trees.

And investing in greenery is worth all the hype!


So this kiss day, let us plant a kiss for the tender green leaves and thank our resilient friends for their love and support.

Keep calm and kiss the plant!

Happy kiss day to all.


Pooja Kumari Sha 

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