Valentine’s day, is the day celebrated for love. Valentine’s day is celebrated on 14th February every year. People celebrate the day by exchanging gifts, flowers, chocolates with their loved ones. The day is all about sharing love and care for the significant other. With the rapid pace of life on Earth, humans are deteriorating the planet and environment, going distant from the environment, harming the relationship with our planet and environment. This Valentine’s day, let’s make the bridge between us and the environment stronger and love our environment and take care of it. 


Valentine’s day;
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About Valentine’s day 


Valentine’s day is celebrated in memory of St. Valentine. Valentine was a priest in Rome who served during the third century, in that time the emperor of Rome, Emperor Claudius II decided that the soldiers should be single as they made better soldiers, and men were not allowed to have a wife and family. St. Valentine was not in favor of this and outlawed the marriage of many young men in secret. After these acts were discovered by the emperor he ordered to kill St. Valentine, Valentine was put to death. Hence we celebrate the day as Valentine’s day. 


Valentine’s day is celebrated on the fourteenth of February every year. It is the celebration of love all over the world. Gifts, chocolates, and flowers are exchanged between the loved ones to express their love for each other. Every relationship works fifty/fifty, but over the past few decades the relationship between humans and the environment has deteriorated, humans have just been using the environment without giving anything back. Humans use resources from the environment only to give pollution and other hazards back. We should change the difference we have caused with the environment and built back the bond with the environment. 


Valentine’s day;
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Why we should protect our environment 


Today, the situation on Earth has reached its breaking point, humans have damaged and destroyed three-quarters of land and two-thirds of the ocean. The possibility of Earth sustaining us is if we protect the biodiversity which will help hold the world together. The costs are rising every day because of the broken relationship with nature. Every breath of air and every grain of food we take is dependent on nature. If we continue the destruction of biodiversity, it will quicken climate change. Damage to the environment and ecosystems threatens human health too as it decreases sources of medicines, food, water, and even air. Therefore for the survival of humans, we should build our relationship with the environment stronger. 


Valentine’s day;
An image of a heart made by flower petals;


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Threats to the relationship between humans and the environment 


With the increase in population, we are exploiting our natural resources like minerals and fossils. We are also exploiting the ecosystems by deforestation of forests for cattle grazing and even for space for development like buildings and infrastructure. The mass production happening to supply for the mass population is causing pollution and even more exploitation of resources. The industries are polluting the air and water and also cutting down forests. These things are creating immense pressure on biodiversities and are a cause of climatic changes. 


Solution for building back the bond 


To stop and reduce the gap between humans and the environment, regulations should be made by governments of the countries which will limit and control social behavior. Governments should make environmental policies that are designed to limit and reduce the harmful effects of human activities on ecosystems. Environmental laws should be placed to protect the wildlife, environment, and ecosystems to sustain the survival longer. Countries and their governments should educate the people about the threats humans are causing to the environment and how it can be controlled.




This Valentine’s day, do not fixate on only loving your loved ones but also love our planet and environment, make a promise to protect the planet, and give back to the planet from which we take so much from. Take care of our environment and love it with all you have for increasing the survival of humans and for a better life. 


By Sanket Sawant

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