Born from the big bang and lived by humans the earth is a place full of wonders and mystery. The trees, clouds, rain, and the air we breathe is a gift from the earth that we take care of for ages. But in today’s world, we people are obsessed with power and starting to lose our natural resources for it. If we keep doing what we are doing now soon the history of mankind will be like the story of Atlantis expect going under the sea. To prevent this goodwill and kind-hearted people started Word Environment Day in which they spread awareness to people about how to save the earth from destruction. Let’s see some of the facts about World Environment Day.

World Environment Day


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World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 every year. Every year they come up with a theme to concentrate on and celebrate. The day was started at the UN general assembly under the campaign “Only one earth” in 1974. The main reason for the creation of this day is to keep track of nature and keep it safe. But today the world is full of pollution that destroys everything. We even polluted the air we breathe. 


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So to prevent the world from destruction United Nations assembled a meeting in Stockholm. The meeting of Stockholm in 1972 declared the creation of the day and every member to host the celebration in their nation. The day’s hosting moves on to every member of the assembly for celebration. 

The day is celebrated by spreading awareness about how natural resources are important to us and how to save them. School students make banners and posters and go around tier neighborhoods to spread awareness. The day conveys the fact that what are the things that pollute our environment and destroy it. To this day organizations and people follow the rules and safeguard the earth. This year’s theme is “Only one earth” and is hosted by Sweden. And in this year the 50th year of World Environment Day is celebrated and celebrate Stockholm50 meeting. By this 50th year celebration, there will be strict rules will be passed on to the industries that pollute nature. If any company doesn’t follow these rules will be prosecuted by the court officials and a penalty will be received or worst case the industry will be dissolved. 

How to preserve Earth


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Every people should save the earth as it’s their own. With every people’s effort, we can save the earth from global warming and other harm. Let’s see some of the steps that people should follow in daily life.

  • People should keep their houses and city clean by putting waste in dustbins and garbage containers and not dumping everywhere.
  • People should reduce carbon emissions by using public transport, carpooling, etc.
  • By reducing global warming our environment and earth will be saved.
  • Do not burn the garbages out in the open and anywhere. Because it pollutes the air we breathe with carbon-di-oxide and monoxide.
  • Usage of excessive fossil fuels should be reduced and scientists should figure out a different source of energy instead of fossils. Fossils are one of the major reasons for global warming.
  • A process of development shouldn’t be in a way of destroying others.
  • Restoring natural landforms like wetlands, lakes, etc should be encouraged in youngsters and people.
  • Cutting down trees should be stopped. Growing more trees is recommended. 
  • Taking care of wild animals is the best way of saving forest resources and land.
  • Hunting aquatic creatures like whales and others should be prohibited. A whale contributes to reducing atmospheric temperature.

These are some of the steps that should be followed to have peaceful and safe earth. By following these rules we can able to reduce global warming, the melting of ice caps, the extinction of species, and the food chain, and save humanity. So lets people start following these rules and have a happy and prosperous life.

Mukesh Kumar U M
Date: 20/05/2022

Tags: environment day

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