The world we live in is a place full of mystery and living organisms serving the purpose to keep their life intact and life cycle balanced. People in today’s world are stepping every day further into development but they are showing less interest in the source of development: “Nature”. But some people pour their dedication and hard work to safeguard nature and enrich people’s life. They do this with a big initiative named “World wildlife day”. Let’s see about that.

World wildlife day

United Nations General Assembly

 On 20th December 2013 at their 68th session, United Nations General Assembly proclaimed March 3 as World wildlife day. On that day the council of members, come up with plans to improve nature’s wealth by analyzing facts around the world to find which is lacking. Like,

  • In 2018 –  Wild Cat family protection,
  • In 2019 –  Underwater species protection,
  • In 2020 –  Maintaining all plants and animals into a diversity.
  • In 2021 –  Forest wealth and livelihoods.

This year they come up with the plan for “Preventing species for restoring the ecosystem”.

Coming up with a theme for the year and following them is the only work for them. They focus on the environment, flora, fauna species, vegetation, etc. By taking important measures on nature they take care of things like food, raw materials, fuel, medicines, housing, clothing, etc which are useful for mankind.


World wildlife day


The day has its importance to show awareness among people about the diversity of wildlife and marine life in the world. In this developing world, they need to know the condition of nature and the species living with them. From the Scientific data from the organization in the USA They give out the details about the list of endangered species, and how are the ways to prevent them. From that, they came to know around 8400 species of Flora and Fauna are in the endangered stage. And 30,000 are in their beginning stage towards extinction.  

This year's topic

If this extinction continues there will be no source will there for our survival and our civilization falls. So for this World Wildlife Day, they come up with an improving way to prevent this upcoming phenomenon and save them and us. The day can be celebrated by spreading awareness about nature and teaching them the steps for prevention. By educating the new generation they can able to follow them and can bring balance in nature and maintain it for the future generation. By preventing wildlife and habitat we can able to conserve more resources and we can improve the rate of development in our lives. So let’s celebrate with what we have and try to develop nature and live a perfect life. 

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