The economy of the world can do wonders and blunder to the people and changes people’s behaviors. Joblessness makes people poor and many strive for survival. This phenomenon is the reason for the birth of fast food centers. Let’s see the history and effects of fast foods.

History of fast food

Fast food

Fast food is nothing but food that is prepared quickly and served for hungry customers. It is useful for the people who are poor and for tourists who can’t cook. The fast-food history takes us back to the 1800s in England, the first fish and chip shop in Britain. But many historians believe that the first fast food place is White Castle in Wichita, Kansas, in 1921. The purpose of fast food was to serve the people who were travelers, refugees, inns, taverns, etc. But people showed interest in food recipes which are delicious in fast-food centers. The quickness in preparing the food and the tasty recipes created interest in people for reaching fast-food centers. Many fast food centers started in street like cart foods, restaurants, hot dog wheels, etc.

Fast food

The improvement in the business inspired many people to open fast-food centers. The drive-thru restaurants were so popular because people who drive to the gas station can order food and get it quickly. The increase in automobile industries is the reason for the birth of drive-thru restaurants. White Castle restaurant inspired people by having a policy of open kitchen to show how good their commodity is. The developing business created brands like McDonald’s, KFC, TacoBell, pizza hut, etc, and their tasty recipes to the people. The fast-food business makes around 278 billion a year. The history of fast food is still developing and creating many entrepreneurs in society.

Effects of fast food

 Effects of fast food

Even though fast-food created wonders in the world it does have a negative impact on people’s health. Some of the fast-food joints preparation does lack in nutrients and has good taste. Good taste alone isn’t good for people the food we eat should also have nutritional value. Let’s see some of the harmful effects that fast food leads to.

  • Obesity is the first thing that fast food leads to an individual. Fast food contains more sugars, fat, calories, cholesterol, etc which is bad for human health. Having more of this food leads to obesity and obesity leads to diabetes, joint pains, heart risk, etc.
  • Headache, the food filled with sodium in fast food can lead to the risk of headaches.
  • Toothache, sugar content, and acids in fast food can damage tooth enamel. This leads to cavities.
  • Depression, people who eat more fast-food can experience depression than people who didn’t.
  • Reproductive problems, fast food contains phthalates. These chemicals can interrupt the hormones of the body which leads to birth defects.

These are some of the effects of fast food on humans. Fast food can fill ur tummy with some little good nutrients with good taste but intaking more is always a risk for human health. In some cases, a person can be affected by Ulcer and Stomach cancer by consuming too much fast food. So let’s be responsible and enjoy our lives with serenity and joyfulness.

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