The 21st century is the era of globalization. The new policy of globalization moves on to form the globe a worldwide village. New challenges and problems have emerged before youth. The assumption that every emerging problem, be it, ecological, social, economic, political or moral-could be resolved by discoveries and technological innovations persist, failures within the past notwithstanding. Gandhi proposed four main goals before youth for humanity, to move on towards its destiny. These are Swaraj, Non-violence, Swadeshi and Sarvodaya. These are the pillars of the thesis he has propounded within the Hind Swaraj. During this paper, an effort is formed to concentrate on Sarvodaya jointly of the pillars to bring Hind Swaraj.

Meaning of Sarvodaya:

Sarvodaya was coined by Gandhi

It means Universal Uplift

Sarvodaya could be a term that means, ‘Universal Uplift’ or ‘Progress of All’. Gandhi, like the other Indian nonviolence activists such as Vinoba Bhave, embraced the term as a reputation for the social group in post-independence India which strived to confirm that self-determination and equality reached all parts of Indian society.

Simple Living & High Thinking:

Mahatma Gandhi was of the firm view that the planet provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not for each man’s greed. As a part of the Sarvodaya society, every member is going to be free from any greed for the acquisition of fabric wealth and the loss of spiritual well being and more and more luxurious living and they will follow the motto of straightforward living and high thinking. Everyone will, thus, get ample opportunity to supply and earn sufficiently through honest work for a decent and dignified living. 

Sarvodaya would have led to unemployment

It takes us up from materialistic things

Consequently, there’ll be no problem with unemployment. Of course, the income of various people is also different, counting on their talent, ability and energy. But people who will earn more will use the majority of their greater earnings for the good of society as a whole. In such a society, all wealth, including land, is going to be assumed as common property to be utilized for the welfare of all. If a person has quite his proportionate portion, he becomes a trustee of the surplus wealth for the advantage of the less fortunate members of the society. As regards the use of machinery in economic activity, Gandhi said that “If we feel the necessity of machines, we certainly will have them. But there should be no place for machines that concentrate power into a few hands and switch the masses into mere machine-minders, if, indeed, they do not make them unemployed.” To reduce the laziness and dependencies on machines during the Sarvodaya society, Gandhi strongly stated that everyone should do some productive physical work to at least earn their daily wages and this was also advocated by Count Lev Nikolayevitch Tolstoy – a great Russian thinker and writer and everybody should uphold the dignity of labour no matter the sort of honest labour performed by a private.

Principles of the Sarvodaya:

  • There is no centralized authority, and there’s a political and economic atmosphere within the villages.
  • Politics should serve as an instrument of power but the office of service and Good Politics will yield a place to the Great Nation.
  • All people are imbued with the spirit of affection, fraternity, truth, non-violence and self-sacrifices. Society will function on the premise of non-violence.
  • There is going to be no party system and philosophy and society will be free from the evil of the tyranny of the bulk.

Sarvodaya society is socialist

It relies on equality for all

  • The Sarvodaya society is socialist within the true sense of the term. All calling are identical moral, social and economical values. The individual personality has the best scope for development.
  • The Sarvodaya society relies on equality and liberty. There’s no space for unwholesome competition, exploitation and class hatred.
  • Sarvodaya stands for the progress of all. All individuals should do individual labour and follow the perfect of non-possession. Then it’ll be possible to understand the goal of, ‘from each in line with his work and to every per his needs.
  • There will be no belongings, the instrument of exploitation and therefore the source of social distinctions and hatred. Similarly, all the profit motives will disappear, rent and interest will go.
  • The Sarvodaya Movement is predicated on Truth, Non-violence and Self-denial.
  • The gain to the individual would be small. The event of every quality depends upon every other. If all the qualities have improved a touch, then the individual would gain more.

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