The climate around the world changes and people are adapting themselves to it. Some people like summer due to the holidays and spend most of the time playing and eating Icecreams. Some like Winter because of the snow fight, Snow Boarding, and having a Hot bath for refreshment. But the season between summer and winter is called Autumn. The season when the tree leaves shed and give a pleasant climate around. Let’s see in detail about the Autumn season. 


Autumn Season

Picture of Autumn season and shedding leaves.

The season brings a cold temperature and in some places, Hurricanes can be expected. In this season the trees start to change the color of leaves to Red, Orange, and Yellow. In this season the plants drop their seed and that seed is saved by the animals and Ants as food for winter. The Autumn season is a season of Harvesting. The farmers and gardeners get Apples, pumpkin, pear, and Corn. Autumn has shorter days and longer nights. The Autumn brings rains and clouds with grey in color that gives a misty environment. The Autumn season occurs in the Northern and Southern hemispheres. In the Northern hemisphere, the Autumn season occurs after summer and the time is in September. At this time the Southern hemisphere has the spring season. In the Southern hemisphere, the Autumn season occurs after summer and the time period in March. The Northern hemisphere has the Spring season at this time. The animals get ready themselves at this time to save food and find a new place to survive the cold winter. Some animals like Cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds grow thick fur on their skin to survive the cold winter. Most people get confused about spring and Autumn. 

The Autumn season comes after Summer and Spring comes after winter. The Autumn season decreases the temperature and the Spring increases the temperature. The Autumn season makes the tree leaves shed whereas the Spring makes them grow. But both seasons are friendly towards humans. 

Autumn’s Speciality:

 The cozy season of Autumn comes with Specialities all around the world. Autumn is the season where birds migrate from one place to another for surviving the winter’s cold. The migration of birds has special species that people have an eye on. If a person is lucky he can able to see the Harvest Moon (full moon) during the time of Autumn Equinox in which the Earth Equator gets close to the center of the Sun which makes the Moon look brighter and in full size.

Places to visit in Autumn:

  • Some people like to campfire in summer but during the Autumn the fall of leaves and the cold air is the best time to get to a forest and spend some quality time with friends in a Campfire. Most places during the Autumn season are a delightful experience for tourists. Canada is a place where people should go during the fall season. In western Canada, the Rocky Mountains are the best. During the fall season, people can able to see the change of colors in the trees in the Mountains. The people should do these two when they get a tour of Canada. Drive along the Cabot Trail and take the Fundy coastal drive.
  • The USA is another place to visit during the fall season. The New York Central Park, Nashville Independent music festival is conducted during the Autumn season. Chicago music festival and the Fire festival during the Autumn season shouldn’t be missed. Thanksgiving is celebrated to remember the pleasant things and blessings that happened in the year. Diwali in India is a festival of Lights in which the people clean their house and burst crackers to celebrate the day with fun and joy. The Dia de Muertos is a famous and important holiday in which the people show their gestures to their loved ones who have passed away. They paint their faces and wear special clothes and form a parade for their dearest soul that they missed during their lifetime.
  • South India, Kerala is a place where people like to visit during the Autumn season because of the Green surrounding and they visit Wayanad. The western Ghat region contains  Coffee plantations, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Camping, and Trekking. The trekking during the chilly Autumn season is to experience the wilderness and to have fun. 

This is a special quality and the nature of the Autumn season.

 BY Mukesh Kumar U M

  Date: 14/01/2022

Tags: climate, seasons

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