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  • So, that time of year has finally arrived. The season of holidays, beach picnics, long afternoon naps, cold beverages, breezy, starry nights, and the prettiest of all, the rainbows, is finally here.
  • So, now that everyone’s favourite season, summer, has arrived, what are your plans for the summer of 2022? Going on a vacation with your family, a simple cute picnic with your friends, or simply staying at home and spending your time peacefully without having to go out in the scorching heat. Whatever you do, you’ve got us on your side.

summer season

Daytime of summer

  • That is why we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you make the most of your summer of 2022. But before that, we need to be well informed about the Summer season itself.
  • Amongst the four temperate seasons respectively called Spring, summer, autumn, and winter, the summer season is the hottest. Occurring between spring and autumn, this season is responsible for the hottest and longest days of the year and shortest nights of the year.
  • And after the solstice, the day length decreases as the season progresses. The summer season is characterized by hot, humid weather with recurring downpours. The reason behind the downpours is the fact that it aids nature’s survival during this hot season, allowing crops to grow more quickly and yield a larger harvest.
  • According to the gregorian calendar, summer begins in March and lasts until late September. Holi, a widely celebrated Indian festival, heralds the start of the season.

Why is Summer called “Summer season”?

  • We mentioned quite a few things about the summer season but isn’t there a question arousing in your mind about the reason behind the name “summer”? Well, we had that’s why we got the answers for you.


  • The term “summer” comes from Roman and Old English and means fertility, strength, and warmth. Summer is associated with growth and maturity in European languages, particularly that of plants.
  • In scientific words, it can be put up as the fact that Summer is essential for plants and trees because it provides ideal conditions for photosynthesis which results in better growth of them. Many festivals have been held throughout history to celebrate the arrival of summer.
  • The term “Summer” has also been heard to be derived from the old English word for the season “sumor,” which was derived from the Proto-Germanic sumur-, which was derived from the Proto-Indo-European root sam-, which meant “summer.”
  • However ‘sam’ appears to be a variant of Proto-Indo-European sem, which means “together / one. “Now it is up to you on which one of the two statements that you want to believe.

The weather during summer season


summe weather        hot sun in summer           beauty with sunlight

  • Summer is also known as the warmest season of the year. So heat intensity depends on your location for example the areas closer to the equator are warmer than those near the poles. The reason behind it is the fact that, due to the curvature of the Earth, these areas receive the most sunlight.
  • Summer, however, is associated with warm weather but in some places, it is also associated with dry weather, while in other places (particularly in East Asia) summer season is associated with rainy weather. From 1st June to 30th November, the northern Atlantic Ocean experiences a distinct tropical cyclone season resulting in severe downpours in several places, which eventually cools down the earth.
  • The tropical cyclone season in the Southern Hemisphere lasts from the beginning of November to the end of April, with having highs between mid-February to early March.
  • In the United States and Canada, the thunderstorm season runs from spring to summer, but it is sometimes seen extending into late October or even early November. These storms, which usually occur in the afternoon and evening, result in producing hail, strong winds, and tornadoes.

Flora and Fauna during summer:

Philodendron gloriosum plant

  • Summer, as you may know, is the perfect time for plants and flowers to grow, flourish, and blossom. They are rapidly grown and have the potential to dissipate as a result of the warm weather and sunny days. Wind assists plants in dispersing their seeds, and thus plays an important role in the overall health of nature.
  • Begonia (Begonia × tuberhybrida) is the most popular summer flower; everyone adores these lovely plants for their large and colourful blossoms, as well as their ability to thrive in both the sun and the shade throughout the summer. Some other widely popular summer flowers are Gloriosa Daisy, Dahlia, Marigolds, etc.
  • Summer is also the best time to plant vegetables such as beans, corn, cucumbers, edamame, broccoli, melons, eggplants, peppers, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes.
  • Not only vegetables, but summer is also the perfect time to grow fruits such as strawberries, peach, blueberries, raspberries, grapes, etc. So summer is the perfect time for you to a grab yourself bowl full of fruits and enjoy your time

White-tailed deer

Close-up of white-tailed deer

  • Summer season is a time when animals go hunting, produce offspring, and, of course, at this time of year, they begin to store energy, which will be extremely useful to them in the winter and autumn.
  • So to say that summer season is probably one of the best times of year for animals won’t be an exaggeration as their energy is most active during this summer season.
  • They also have plenty of food and a place to live, and because of the warm weather, they do not require a special shelter.

Baltimore oriole bird

Close-up of Baltimore oriole or Icterus galbula

  • Like animals, the breeding season for birds is the most active during summer season. They also nest and look for a place to raise their offspring and the warm weather of summer happens to make the task a lot easier for them.
  • Birds also begin to grow new feathers at the end of the summer season which eventually makes them feel more at ease and warm during the winter.

Top 5 summer celebrations around the world:

Ah! Summer season and its celebrations never fail to get us hyped. That is why we are sure that the compilation below will get you excited for the upcoming summer season of 2022

Dragon boat races

People celebrating the dragon boat festival

  • Throughout the year, the Chinese calendar is jam-packed with fun traditional celebrations that will fill your insides with glee. The Dragon Boat Festival happens to be one of the most exciting annual traditions in China.
  • Taking place between May and June, the key factor is the famed dragon boat races. These boats can be 40 to 100 feet long and hold up to 80 rowers. The dragon race represents the belief that the dragons are brought back to life and are put to rest once the race is over.

Summer solstice

Summer season solstice of Europe

  • Wait! If you are a summer lover and do not know about the Summer solstice then I’m about to judge you… just kidding, don’t worry I’m here with a purpose and that is to inform you about this fun celebration that takes place during this season.
  • Occurring between June 20 and June 22, the summer solstice marks the day when the sun is at its highest point, resulting in the longest day of sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere. Scandanavia celebrates “midsummer” on St.
  • John the Baptist’s Day with large bonfires on the beach. Many people travel from all over the world to see Stonehenge in Salisbury, England, during the summer season solstice.

Krishna Janmasthami

A lady painting the idols of Lord Krishna and goddess Radha

  • Krishna Janmashtami is a Hindu holiday commemorating the birth of Vishnu’s eighth avatar. Celebrated in August, Krishna Janmashtami is one of India’s largest and oldest holidays.
  • This summer season tradition consists of two parts: first, the Indians construct swings in their homes and place idol of Lord Krishna inside them, after which they bathe him in milk, and honey, and embed him in jewellery. Young boys also form a human pyramid to break a 20-30 foot high pot full of milk or curd.

La Tomatina

People enjoying La Tomatina

  • This Spanish festival named La Tomatina is unquestionably one of the most enjoyable celebrations on the planet. Over 20,000 people gather in Buol of Spain, on the last Wednesday of August to celebrate La Tomatina.
  • Hundreds of tomatoes are thrown at each other in the Valencian town’s street solely for entertainment and fun. Well, if you think La Tomatina just playing with tomatoes then you might be wrong. The week before this summer season festival is filled with fun events and activities, such as parades and paella contests.

Pride parade

People celebrating the pride parade

  • In the United States, pride festivities have been celebrating the LGBTQ+ community for over than 50 years. As one of the most fun summer traditions, the purpose of it is to spread love, compassion, and kindness throughout the community.
  • So to celebrate it North American countries fill the streets with rainbow colours, parades, floats, and music which never fails to attract millions of people from all communities.

5 summer activities to do:

Hey! Don’t just waste your summer season by idly sitting around doing nothing or taking naps or just scrolling through the phone all the time, not like they are a bad thing to do except the last one which can affect your eyesight and mental health, but why waste the summer by doing nothing when we’ve got you a whole list of easy-going fun things to do which can make your summer 10x more fun.

  • Play childhood games

Tag, hopscotch, hide and seek, kick the can, capture the flag, literally any of your childhood games, you can go play them with your friends and it does not matter if you are 12 or 22 or 32 or 42, whatever your age is, age knows no limit when it comes this kind of fun.

  • Go to the beach

Now, for us, summer is all about beaches. So have a little beach day with your family, friends, your partner or better you can go alone. Dip your legs, build a sandcastle, and collect seashells. Beaches in general will never disappoint you.

  • Make lemonade

All of us have a habit of associating lemons and limes with summer, somehow. So why not do that? Why not make ourselves a glass full of chilled lemonade during the heated afternoon of summer and enjoy.

  • Eat watermelon

Is there anything more peaceful than eating a slice of sweet watermelon and sighing in contentment? We don’t think so.

  • Stargaze

A night sky full of bright stars while a gentle breeze caresses you, sounds poetic and quite romantic too, now doesn’t it? Well, then so be it. Go to your rooftop during the nights of summer and the view you will witness will be something that will never leave your memory.

The dark side of summer:

And we have also mentioned the fact, that everything that exists on this planet has a good side and bad side to it, quite a few times in our previous articles too. And this season of rainbows, fruits, and beaches is also not an exception. And we are also sure that you are not unaware of the dark side of the summer season.

Your steering wheel or the seat of your bike or car turning from normal leather to molten lava, unnecessary sweating even while doing nothing, the humidity, unnecessary tanning are just the surface level bad things that can probably annoy you. People fainting or probably dying from dehydration, crashes, and sunstrokes are considered severe cases which can reveal the extreme side of this season.

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