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  • With its refreshingly sour taste, the drink not only delights the inhabitants of the Konkan coast but also forms the backbone of the beverage industry in the region.
  • Yes, the sol kadhi business on the Konkan coast has a turnover of sixty crores per year. The business has spread to parts of Mumbai and Pune where the drink is infused with innovations like the sol kadhi ceviche that is served in the Bombay canteen.

sol kadhi

close-up of sol kadhi

Summer Special: Health Benefits Of Sol Kadhi

  • Kokum is known to promote weight loss by curbing appetite.
  • Sol Kadhi improves digestion and keeps acidity at bay.
  • Sol Kadhi contains antioxidants, which help boost skin health during summers.
  • It is naturally cooling in nature.

sol kadhi ice- cream

close-up of sol kadi ice -cream served at Mumbai

Have you heard of Ojman food bio?

  • The company had started manufacturing the drink on a large scale in 2017. Since then the business has been growing rapidly. This e-commerce company sells the drink in attractive cartons and presently houses 10 big players and 100 micro-enterprises spread over Pune, Mumbai, and Konkan.
  • The drink forms an essential add-on to the Konkani cuisines served at restaurants.

sol kadhi packets

a product of ojman food bio

The making of the pink potion – preparing the mesmerizing mix!

  • The kokum petals are soaked in hot water for about an hour, mashed, and strained, and then they are kept aside for cooling. A fine paste is made by grinding coconut, chilies, cumin seeds, and garlic which is strained, and the resulting coconut milk is collected in a bowl
  • Then the petal paste and the coconut milk are mixed with salt and sugar. Water is added to adjust the consistency. The digestive drink is then served chilled with coriander leaves.

grated coconut

close- up of grated coconut

The taste of sol kadhi –  sol kadhi for the soul:

  • The drink unfolds its taste gradually from the tart kokum to the freshness of coconut followed by a mellow sweetness and an aromatic turn that is borrowed from garlic and coriander. It delights the senses with a refreshingly sour taste that unfurls slowly. Another way to use the drink is to add it to any coconut-based gravy.
  • It enhances the taste like nothing else. The drink is a perfect companion to a fiery fish fry, it cools down the digestive system after a spicy meal.

sol kadi tadka

close-up of tadka for sol kadi

Popularity along the coasts: the companion of fiery fish –

  • Both fish and coconut enjoy abundance on the coasts. Kokum is also abundant in the region. The flower is well known to beat the heat. This blend of abundance and health goes well with the fiery fish that is enriched with spices and other continental dishes.
  • The drink is therefore popular in the region and is the beverage of choice for fry on the Konkan coast

close-up of fish fry served on Konkan coast

  •  Kokum flower is rarely found beyond the western coast and possesses the same souring qualities as tamarind, chutneys, and pickles. Infusion of kokum in the drink imparts health benefits as well as a tart taste to the same. The pinkish mauve milky liquid is the equivalent of lassi and buttermilk in North India.
  • The healthy vegan milk not only soothes the taste buds and aids digestion but also holds anti-carcinogenic properties and is effective against sunstroke and cardiovascular ailments.

Sol kadhi with pani puri shots:

sol kadhi with pani puri

close-up of sol kadhi shots served with panipuri that is filled with chicken stuffing;

Yes, you heard it right. Many restaurants serve sol kadhi as shots along with apni puri that is stuffed with chicken and dipped in vodka. Have you tried the same? Let us know in the comment section.

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