Gurugram  Shopping Malls( village of the Guru) presently called Gurgaon is a place of historical evidence, It is named after Guru Dronacharya, the great teacher of Kauravas and Pandavas of Mahabharatha It has gained more importance and is the second-largest IT hub and 3 rd largest Financial & Banking Hub in India Shopping Mall. It is considered India’s most prosperous city and is the 8th largest city in terms of wealth.[Shopping Malls]

With its huge growth in the IT sector. there is a  huge rise in the real estate price in the city recently. It is also 56 the largest city in terms of population which is 1,514,432 approximately. This city is located Southwest of Delhi in Haryana and is also the administrative headquarters of the Gurgaon district.

The city consists of top multinational companies, a world-class golf course, five-star hospitals, high-rise skyscrapers, hubs, shopping malls, cafes, pubs, and all that Millennials desire. Gurgaon is a great destination for the high-class society. Some of the places where  the corporate people spend their weekends are:

Kingdom of Dreams

Gateway Tower Shopping Malls
Gateway Tower’s view of the night

This is India’s first live entertainment, leisure, and theatrical destination located in sector 29 and owned by the Great Indian Nautanki Company which was inaugurated on 29th January 2010. It has two theatres Nautanki mahal and Showshaa theatre in Culture gully, India’s first-ever skydome. These two international and standard theatres with advanced state of art technology take us on a mystical journey of unforgettable memories.

There are various stalls depicting the culture of different states with local fine arts, cuisines, and street arts.[Shopping Malls]

DLF Cyber Hub and Shopping Malls

This corporate park is located in the Cyber city of Gurgaon. This city has 26  malls and seven golf courses and many shops selling international brands of accessories. DLF Cyber Hub is the largest Hub in the IT sector where exists most of the Top IT companies in India[Shopping Malls]. Gateway Tower, a 12-story complex building famous for its amazing futuristic architecture is the highlight of this city.[Shopping Malls]

It is unique in style with excellent interiors and compact office space. [Shopping Malls] It is known for its open-air amphitheater for weekend entertainment and celebrations. Most of. Corporate events and celebrations occur here. [Shopping Malls] Ambiance Mall is one of the largest malls in India known for its good ambiance and is named so. It covers a wide area with numerous stores and food outlets with a quite large parking space.

It has won the “Best Shopping Center of the year” award “ Most Admired Shopping Centre of the year” It is an excellent destination for shopping for top international brands. MGF Metropolitan  Mall is also a place of great delight for shopaholics in Gurgaon.[Shopping Malls]

All top-notch brands include Shoppers stop, McDonald’s, PVR Cinemas, Archies, United Colors of Benetton, Mark & Spencer, Nike, Reebok, Planet Sports, Pizza hut, Guess, THS, Sony Hidesign, Lacoste, and Bose are available here.[Shopping Malls]

Religious places of interest:

Sheetla Mata Mandir

This famous shrine is visited by many people and is dedicated to Kripa or Lalitha, wife of Guru Dronacharya, teacher of Pandavas & Kauravas in the epic of Mahabharatha. It is built by the Hindu Jat King Jawhar  Singh of Bharatpur in memory of his victory over the Mughals who sought the blessings of the Sheetla Mata. The name of the temple is derived from the name of the road it is located.[Shopping Malls]

One can feel the immense peace and calmness in this has a vast place to handle more crowds on auspicious days

Sai ka Agan Temple

Sheetla Mata temple
Entrance of Sheetla Mata Temple, Gurgaon

Sai ka Agan Temple

This temple is a replica of the Shirdi Sai Baba Temple and is called the Shirdi of North India.  For people in and around Gurgaon, it is a divine blessing where one finds peace and solace in its premises.

Pandhupole Hanuman temple

This  Hanuman temple is located in a busy place in the city of Gurgaon and is crowded with worshippers, especially on Tuesdays.

Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks

Haryana has 2 National parks and 8 Wildlife sanctuaries, 2 Wildlife Conservation Areas, 4 Animal & Bird Breeding farms, 1 Deer park, and 50 herbal parks. These areas are managed by The forest Department of the Government of India.[Shopping Malls] However, we can see a few important ones

Sultanpur National Park

It is the best place for bird watchers who enjoy watching birds of many varieties. This park is located in the Sultanpur village, Farukhnagar 40 km from Delhi. It is a home for rare species of birds both migratory and resident ones too. [Shopping Malls] The Government has artificially revived this park using the waters of the river Yamuna. More than 1800 birds migrate to this area in winter.

It is an excellent feeding ground for the birds and can be best visited during winter. This spot suits as a one-day getaway with family and friends.

A deer at Sultanpur national park, Gurgaon
A deer posing for the camera at Sultanpur National park

Basai wetlands

This place is famous for its rich flora and fauna and is recognised as one of the important bird sanctuaries of India. It is located in Basai village in Gurgaon and is considered an important bird area in the world. More than 280 species of birds are found in this area. Many migratory birds mostly the extinct ones are found here. It is located 8 km from Sultanpur Park and is under constant threat from the local colonisers and builders.

There are many parks in this area for visits with family and friends too. Leisure Valley Park situated in the heart of Gurgaon is a well-maintained one and perfect for families. Aravali Biodiversity Park is also another most refreshing park situated in the city and covers an area of 692 acres of greenery.  More than 20 species of trees, 190 avian species and 100 species of plants are grown here. Garden lovers enjoy this biodiversity park a lot.

 Cranes flocking together in Basai wetland

The city has many amusement parks for children to have fun during their holidays. Some of them are Aapna Ghar Amusement  & water park, a famous Ethno Modern resort, which is a fascinating place for children to enjoy water rides and have fun It has a rich infrastructure and is well maintained.Fun n Food village is also another amusement park that is affiliated with the World Water park, USA.

The  Oysters Beach Water park claims to have the tallest and fastest water ride in India. [Shopping Malls] Wave pool, faux beach, float slides, and various fun games like Zor ball and beach volleyball are conducted here.


Apart from these, there are places like Never Enuf garden railway,  Folk and tribal art, Museo camera centre for photography, Urusvati Museum of Folklore and Heritage Transport Museum which are more interesting. [Shopping Malls] Most of the Gurgaon’s corporate crowd is seen spending their holidays and weekends in these places. Everything seems astonishing and delightful to view and enjoy.

However, Gurgaon is not without flaws. Most of the commercial hubs situated in Gurgaon are considered to have very low parameters when concerned with the safety of women. [Shopping Malls] The suburban part of the city has a high crime rate index too.[Shopping Malls] The city seems to be overcrowded at all weekends and dreadful public transport makes things worse for tourists who visit this place. Tourists should take extra care and safety while visiting these places.[Shopping Malls]

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