Is it possible to predict drought and such climate threats?

Introduction to drought

rainlessness is the synonym of drought

  • Climate changes are the retracting power that breaks the development steps of the world. In simpler terms, climate changes adversely affect the normal on-going bringing no hope about the future.
  • Climate change does not happen overnight but is largely due to our irresponsible activities in the past and present. While a matured solution out there, the political differences don’t allow countries to take a remarkable step to save the world from going down.

Dry land drought

The dry land with no water

  • To save the world, we must know the changes happening around us on a whole scale. And even without the support of modern technologies, experts can predict rainlessness-like conditions in the future.
  • However, it’s not an easy process. It needs a proper study of the land’s weather history and the availability of natural water sources. In most cases, droughts can be predicted before it hit on people.
  • Some factors are contributing to rainlessness and once all the criteria are met, the particular area begins facing the very-dry conditions when people can die of water scarcity.
  • According to numerous studies conducted over the years, people die of polluted water that causes health issues. And many developed countries fatally facing rainlessness as water has become a business for corporate companies to make money. The corporate companies utilize freshwater sources for water marketing and as a result, the local people get blocked from using it for their daily requirements.

The Factors for Predicting

There are some factors to consider for predicting the rainlessness and future of the land.

  • Rainlessness is the aftereffect of climate changes that slow down plant growth and create a wall against living organisms’ natural habitat. The insufficient rainfall destroys the soil moisture required for the smooth operation of the ecosystem.

Flower of hope

The dry land with a flower of hope

  • When it comes to rainlessness prediction, some factors have to be well-looked. In many cases, rainlessness can be predicted one month in advance. Very rarely do experts predict the dry condition one year in advance as it needs much more continuous observation and in-depth geographical studies?
  • The risk factor making droughts forecasting difficult is the changing climate patterns of the particular area where nothing seems stable.
  • rainlessness forecasting is dependent upon huge factors like atmospheric and ocean circulation, soil moisture, land structure, topography etc. The accuracy of the prediction is determined by these fluctuating factors.
  • Human actions are the hard hit to the eco-balance. When the human requirements change and grab for more, nature is exploited and loses its organic functions.
  • No experts indeed predict the accurate result of our actions. Their keen eye put forth the possibilities that can worsen life.
  • As more data and studies are running in the background, science is developing to an abstract level to improve rainlessness prediction. 
  • Science has developed technically updated tools for rainlessness prediction by combining the observed data saved from ages. Before this technical improvement, farmers who had been serving land for centuries could predict the possible impact of our actions. They cultivated crops by analysing the land structure, soil moisture and rainfall quantity. They would have taken immediate measures to prevent the result if their prediction is an insight into a threatening future.
  • In the US, a monitoring team provides the Weekly Droughts Conditions across the country, a collaboration between the government and the University of Nebraska. The team also delivers other tools and resources including a map that shows changes in droughts.

The Impact of Rainlessness

  • The impact of droughts is beyond calculation. It can produce economic, environmental and social transformations in the world as each section is closely connected. All sectors and all races of people will be a part of the transformations that can destroy the formal structure of the world.

Dryland and tree

The dry land and tree from a long shot

  • The world economy will be at risk when droughts tightens its hand over our lives. Of course, farmers are the primary drivers of our economic progress. With the climate changes, the agricultural sector will begin facing setbacks. In simpler terms, drought and such conditions are enough to destroy the established systems ruling the world for decades.
  • Saving and protecting the world from life-destroying balls isn’t a choice but it is our responsibility. We can all stand together to take the right steps toward a bright future with mature decisions that never threaten our life.

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By Sujitha K.S

Date: 31/12/2021

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