What is OMICRON and why is the whole world in chaos over it?


Tweeted Letter
Image of the letter tweeted by Arvind Kejriwal on twitter


  • Omicron is the newly discovered covid-19 variant which has wreaked havoc in major African countries and instilled a state of panic among the world. This variant’s scientific classification is “B.1.1.529”. 
  • This variant has been classified as the variant of concern by the World Health Organisation.
  • There have been disastrous outbreaks of covid-19 cases in the African subcontinent which are being accredited to the omicron variant.
  • The omicron variant has over 32 mutations which has the scientists and researchers pretty scared.
  • More than 14 countries have detected the new omicron variant in their daily covid-19 cases.

What is the official government statement on omicron?

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya stated, “No case of Omicron Covid-19 variant has been reported in India so far,” the minister said while speaking during the Question Hour. “We are immediately checking suspicious cases and conducting genome sequencing. We have learnt a lot during the Covid crisis. Today, we have a lot of resources and laboratories. We can manage any situation.” 

Union Minister Mansukh Mandaviya
Union Minister giving his official take on omicron in lok sabha


Final Thoughts

  • As we have already experienced the havoc of the pandemic for more than 2 years now this letter was nothing but a byproduct of all that suffering and trauma.
  • As we already know Delhi was battling at its knees due to the prolonged shortage of oxygen and life saving equipment during the second wave which was caused by the Delta variant. 
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi also had previously commented on the new covid-19 variant, he said, We all should stay alert in view of the new variant of Covid-19.”
  • The whole world has seen what these variants of the viruses can do and how to stop their spread
  • So far Delta variant was the most dangerous variant causing the second wave of the pandemic all over the world and third wave in a few countries.

  By – Dishank Veera

 Content Writer (Erakina by RTMN)



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