Nuclear pollution is called radio-active pollution. This pollution in the atmosphere has very adverse effects. Adverse effects are determined by the concentration of the particles. Nuclear pollution can be natural as well as man-made. Man-made pollution is more common than natural one. This type of pollution is mainly because of nuclear plants, nuclear weapons. It is produced by generating energy by nuclear fusion.

Causes of Nuclear Pollution-

Nuclear pollution affects mostly all life forms. It can also cause cancer cells for people who are near nuclear plants which can vary.

Nuclear Attack-

The biggest nuclear attack happened in the year 1945 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The effect of nuclear attack can be seen to date as children born there have disabilities like autism. People living there also have a life taking disease that is cancer. Everyone should remember that there is no planet B.

Weapon Testing-

All the countries on the planet do weapon testing after the invention of a weapon. It is the country’s people’s safety but it also has disadvantages that it definitely will harm our health.

Nuclear Disaster-

The most important nuclear disaster happened in the year 1986 in Russia. The effect can be seen to date in Ukraine and Belarus. The country’s government had declared the area near to the factory as not suitable for housing or agriculture.


These are generally used in detections of bombs. It’s radioactive so high that it can create pollution which is harmful to our health. It has some disadvantages too that it is used in performing chemotherapy.

Nuclear Waste-

Waste produced by nuclear plants will adversely affect water, soil and create water pollution as well as soil pollution. This pollution will affect all living organisms including humans.

nuclear pollution

Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear into Atmosphere-

The particle enters the stratosphere. This type of pollution can be there in the atmosphere for years which will be harmful to the living organisms. Nuclear pollution is also called physical pollution of air, water, etc. As said before some can be natural and some can be man-made. 

Effect of Nuclear Pollution in Our Environment-

  1. Nuclear Plants do not produce carbon dioxide. They generally use uranium as fuel for the plant. But the process of mining uranium releases high amounts of carbon dioxide which is very harmful if a good amount of trees are not planted.
  2. The Effects of nuclear destruction or nuclear weapons can be seen after many years. No one can escape the effects of nuclear energy. It is affected even to the smallest organism.
  3. Radiations caused by nuclear plants can affect our bone to cells like we can have bone disease, cancer, or autism to a child.

nuclear pollution

Effect of Nuclear Plant

  1. It can also create problems in breathing and it is very dangerous for asthma people.
  2. It can also lead to a shorter life span of a person.
  3. It can also affect an unborn baby whose fetus can also be affected through this pollution as it automatically affects the growth of the baby after taking birth.
  4. It also damages the water in which the nuclear waste is being disposed of by many factories,
  5. It can affect the animals too by making them mentally unstable or their life span is decreased.

nuclear pollution

Nuclear Waste to Water


Every country and every person on this earth should try to stop nuclear pollution as it affects our health and our environment. As the researchers believe that nothing belongs to us, everything belongs to the universe so we should take care of our earth. For example, if we are living in a rented house we will not harm or destroy them, we will care for it because if we don’t our rent will increase so in the same way we should imagine earth. Earth is not our permanent place or our own and it should be capable for future generations to live happily without any disease.

Some countries are fighting for their ego which is not good by harming anyone. Peace is the only resolution that everyone should take care of like we can’t get anything by fighting with each other. Just innocent will be harmed and it will lead the earth to destruction.

 But it has a good part that if a country has nuclear power it doesn’t have to be afraid of any other powerful countries

“We don’t have another planet other than earth.”



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