Dhol yatra, is a major festival celebrated in India. Love is the ultimate way to bond with other people’s hearts and souls. Expressing love is the best feeling for couples whose love is true and great. Love is the only thing that can travel through any medium in the world. Likewise, Lord Krishna’s expression of love towards Radha is the reason for celebrating the Dhol yatra festival. Dhol yatra is the last celebration in the Bengali calendar. Let’s see how people celebrate the Dhol yatra festival.

Tradition of Dhol yatra:

Dhol yatra

Celebration of Dhol yatra festival

Dhol yatra is a festival based on Lord Krishna’s love expression towards Radha. It is celebrated in West Bengal.  This is the day he confesses his devotion of love to Radha. This day is celebrated on the same day as Holi. The celebration of both festivals will look the same but they have their difference. The difference between them is Holi is celebrated for the birth of spring and the end of cold winter, and for the moral of good always wins evil. Dhol yatra consists of 4 days. The first day of the festival is represented as “Gondh”. The next day the festival starts with praying to the lord, then they take the color powder which is called “Phag” in Bengal. The Phag is first applied to the photos of deceased family members for respect and love. Next, they are applied to the feet of older people to show respect to elders. Then the actual fun begins. People start to play with color powders, water balloons, water guns filled with color, etc. In the house sweets like Rasagulla and milk sweets are made and shared with neighbors. The next day the playing with colors continues. The last day is celebrated by decorating the idols of Lord Krishna and Radha. The idols are kept in a palanquin and they will be swung by the devotees in parades. People celebrate this festival with great joy and pomp. This festival is celebrated by Hindus but other religious people also celebrate this festival. This shows the unity among fellow neighbors. Special poojas and Bhajans are conducted in temples. Women will sing devotional songs in the moving parade and show their love for god. Kids perform dances in parades by wearing the same color dress and wearing makeup and dancing to holy songs accompanied by elders. People gather in temples and street vendors sell color powders and candies for children which changes a festival into a fiesta. 

The love towards other people can be seen through unity and we can able to witness that in festivals. So let’s spread joy and love towards our beloved friends and families and live a happy and prosperous life.

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